our song is a slammin' screen door...

this old man, he played one, he played knick-knack on my thumb.


birthday wishes are in order for karl (today!) - i won't tell you how old he is but just that he is getting up there (27). i chose this picture b/c i think it showcases one of his finest (dumbest and fun-nest) ideas of 2007. the slip and tarp. nothing says 'keep it young' like racing for beer down a tarp covered in dish soap and canola oil (i still get an occasional canolawhiff from my closet. and it makes me smile.). it also showcases his love of all things sprinkler and his pretty lawn. because life wouldn't be right without perfect blades (of grass) in the front yard.

he is pretty nice. i guess i will let him live till his next birthday.

where shall i take him for dinner?


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Karl Hills. We love you...

Jeff and Jenny

P.S. Olly is soooo lazy

Kristy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARL! Much love-- I hope Kat takes you somewhere good. (PS. I love that song and it is all your fault!)

melissa said...

karl is the birthday boy and melissa celebrates!!! happy happy happy birthday, k-pain!
and kat? is damgoode classy enough for a birthday? cause nothing says "i'm getting older and wiser" than a pitcher of beer and a hog. maybe that's just me.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

good damn pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Happy birthday, my friend!

That is an amazing pattern carved with love into that grass. I've always thought that. Really, it's true- I've noticed.

Susan said...

Happy Karl-Day!
-Su and Seth

kristen said...

happy b day karl

Jax said...

A day late, but sentiment remains.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most creative tarp-canola-slip n slide guy EVER. Please come up with somethin similar for homecoming. Thank you.

Lauryl Lane said...

happy birthday karl, eat lots of cake!

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