some nuggets of internet goodness and other useless numbered information

1. i have been OBSESSED with this girl (especially the piano song #4 and reasons to love you #1) (and #2... can't forget that one): www.meikomusic.com
2. this is hilarious (especially if you know how i feel about unicorns): charlie the unicorn
3. this is also hilarious (especially if you like shoes - you may have seen it!): shoes
3. my dvr cut off the last five minutes of grey's anatomy and i want to put my fist through my tv right now. oh, and, meredith is still a whiny little hmm-hmm-hmmm. i'm not feeling good about it.
4. and ugly betty was just beautiful and lovely and hilarious and touching. it's going to be a good season for ms. ferrera and friends.
5. what else? karl and i are playing with starting a podcast. stay tuned. maybe.
6. karl likes this (and it is pretty funny - you may have seen it!): chad vader
7. i am fat.
8. have you heard of jewtube.com? there is something wrong with that.
9. this is fun IF you have some time. (it is about 9 minutes). It is the HIPSTER OLYMPICS - featuring such events as "myspace picture sesh" and "appropriatly ironic thrift store tshirt" and, um, it is funny.
10. and for you total internet freakshows you should recognize MOST of the people in here.

it is almost the weekend. thank goodness. i am excited about laundry and cooking and cleaning oh yea. (you have to say that in the 'lions and tigers and bears oh my' kinda way.) (because i said so.)


a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i love lists!! have a great weekend!

melissa said...

a) these shoes rule. THESE SHOES SUCK.
b) i like how you tried to sneak "i'm fat" in there. give me a break, iron man.
c) have a good weekend. give me a call if you like. : ) xoxo

Elizabeth Spann said...

Ohhhhh everyone likes my sister more than me, whaaaaaaa! (I'm Merdith)

I've jumped on the bandwagon. I tried not to, really I did.
Poor Callye. That's all I'm sayin.

Lauryl Lane said...

shoes. "shaus."
meredith. not feeling her. but you did miss the best part. the last two seconds of the show.
jewtube is right up there with youporn.com. excellent

Stacia said...

Not the last 5 minutes~ no way!