We are back from the honeymoon!

Our days in Eureka Springs were great. We stayed at the Palace Hotel and ate yummy foods and got relaxing massages. and we slept. a lot.

Keep my friend Melissa (living in New Orleans, www.mkaintz.blogspot.com) in your thoughts and prayers... she is currently at her parents in St. Louis with her boyfriend phil (at least to my knowledge). I am not sure when she will head back to New Orleans but we hope it will be soon and they will be safe. Keep us updated Mel! Tell us what we can do to help!!!

brooke did it!

brooke made us this lovely piece of art to commemorate our big event!

i have started putting pictures up on our wedding blog. they are from brooke and paul's camera and my mom and dad's camera. they are in no particular order... just some of my favorites. there are still lots more to come... i am sure i can bore you for hours with them. haha! i can not WAIT to see our professional pics. i think our photographer alisha did a fan-freaking-tastic job. I also can not wait for the pics from the disposable cameras that were on every table because i know those pics will be among the best because they will be of all the friends and family that were there to celebrate and support!!

For now,


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it's over!

here is a formal wedding party group pic! haha! more to come....

rules of the honeymoon:

1. karl is not allowed to play x-box
2. kat is not allowed to BLOG!

CRAP! i am cheating on my husband already!

he is coming to yell at me RIGHT NOW. we are getting ready to leave for eureka springs in .25 seconds. i think i might be in trouble for blogging! i am typing FAST i promise.

THE WEDDING was FABULOUS and it all went perfectly and the weather was amazing and we had a blast and our friends and our family were all there and we danced and partied like the rock stars that we are.

ok i am leaving.. more details to follow.

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Official STL weather update!

Well it is POURING in STL right now so all that myth crap about it NEVER raining in st.l this summer is shot! haha! on the plus side, the forecast LOOKS like it is going to rain lots today and tomorrow and then stop for Saturday. Which may mean it JUST MAY BE nice and cool for us which would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Cross your fingers!!


St. Louis Weather Predictions!

This is the weather pic for Saturday featured on www.stltoday.com so it indicates local weather, right? =) It says a high of 88 which is good... if it happens.
This is the weather pic of www.weather.com! It says scattered thunderstorms w/ a 40% chance of precipitation! (with highs also in the upper 80's) We hope it doesn't rain!

Which weather forecast do you believe?


and the winner is!

we decided to make our own cake topper since all the cake toppers out there are pretty ugly. this was the winning shot taken by miss audra trotter yesterday afternoon. look for it on top of our cake!

we wanted to take pics of all our groomsmen and bridesmaids and have them placed randomly on the cake tiers like little cut-out paper dolls, but i couldn't get pics of everyone in funny enough poses so it's just me and k. Posted by Picasa

a close second...

we will probably make this one "side topper" and stick it somewhere on the cake too because it is too cute not to. Posted by Picasa

and another one

this will be on one side also Posted by Picasa

rejected pic

another option we won't use. but still fun. Posted by Picasa

basketball shot..

rejected (kat and the picture) Posted by Picasa

thought this was sweet

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mel and michael engaged!

Congrats to Melissa Ebel and Michael Brannan, the most recent of the engaged folk! He proposed at Tablerock Lake in MO on the water and both families were there to celebrate post the engagement! They are getting married next July in St. Louis. Posted by Picasa


Happy 32nd Anniversary!

I am trying to find an old wedding picture of my mom and dad to acknowledge their 32nd wedding anniversary - 10 days before our wedding!

Some interesting tidbits about their wedding:
- Nixon was president.
- there were huge gas increases (larger % increase than todays prices!)
- it was hot.
- there was a beef shortage in the country .
- my mom wore long, lacy sleeves on her dress in 90+ degree weather.
- she wore her kick ass white platform shoes all night (wish she should have kept them for me to wear to mine!)
- she said she "should have taken off the veil...it had cigarette burns everywhere......even on top...."
- they polished off 14 half barrells of beer. yes, fourteen. that is a lot of beer.

yea for that!

here is her 32 year old rendition of a joke from their wedding:

Q: What is the difference between an Irish Wedding and and an Irish Wake?

A: One less drunk!


welcome little emily!

congratulations to melinda martin, karl's coworker who just gave birth to this precious and healthy little girl, emily jayne! awww... Posted by Picasa


happy birthday su!

happy birthday su! the big 2-5. today! woo hoo! Posted by Picasa

remnants of a good party!

so i forgot to take pictures! i was busy! but this is leftover from the WELCOME TO LITTLE ROCK party we had friday night before the boys left for memphis on saturday!

in attendance:
from little rock: me and karl, kristen and jr, matt price, annie (with her dog arnie in tow who showed us some cute seal-like tricks), elizabeth with her yummy summer cake, leah with her yummy desert bars, audra, mike, eric, emily, ashley and brent and patrick
from tulsa/okc: matt dill, marc mccaw, clint pollard, eric, mccrary, brian, michael,
from texas: ryan
from charleston: blake

yea for friends! audra and mike bought us a badminton set for a wedding gift!! so we played that until it was too dark to see the shuttlecock! we had too much fun... i crashed about 1:30 or 2 a.m. people were still there but i couldn't hang! Posted by Picasa

rearrangement of furniture!

welcome to our new and improved living room! (sans carpet and plus furniture!) we decided to move all of our stuff in here because it was bigger and more suitable for having our friends and family over! its still not finished of course but definately getting there! Posted by Picasa


blake kite surfing!

blake kite surfing! yea for blake! karl's best man at our wedding, blake matheney, does this every day! he lives in charleston and teaches people how to kite surf.


Karl's bachelor party.

People are going to start arriving Friday night in Little Rock for Karl's bachelor party (which will be Saturday night in Memphis) .

We are having a BBQ (girls too) at our house friday night. If you are coming, please comment here!


jacob and jennifer crum!

congratulations jake and jenny, married saturday, aug 6, 2005!! Posted by Picasa

the blessing of the bride and groom!

my cousin jake (groom) and jenny (bride) did this really cool blessing where the maid of honor and the best man each got to participate while the priest sang a blessing. Posted by Picasa

show me your guns.

joe showing off his smoking guns! Posted by Picasa

isabel kathleen

check out this sweet girl. bridget and brian's daughter bel. we were baby sitting her and joe briefly friday night. unfortunately i didn't quite capture a great pic of her! she is freaking adorable! Posted by Picasa

It's official.

outside the st. louis police headquaters after the marriage liscence.

so we made it to st. louis in time to get our marriage liscence. they made us fill out some paperwork and then raise our right hands and swear that we were who we said we were and that we weren't related! it was hysterical.


new blog in honor of...

the university of tulsa.

please visit it here:


and if you are an alum please respond so you can be on there too!

karl and i are headed off to st.louis a day early for jake and jenny's weddign so we can get our marriage lis. taken care of. will update with pics when we return. have a great weekend!!


11 o'clock carpet pulling... hmmm...

someone please tell me why karl insisted on ripping up the carpet in the hall at 10: 30 p.m. when i was trying to sleep! and vacumming and hammering... gross. on the plus side, the floors in the hall look amazing underneath the carpet!


Back from India.

Kim and Sean and the boys are back from India! We picked them up at the airport with mary kay and rea last night... they were all exhasted from traveling. BUT not too tired to eat dixie cafe. welcome back to american food! =)

kim leaves this morning for washington to pick up their new son, Stone!


time for bed.

this is when karl made me GO HOME! after too many games. that i kept making people play. even if they didn't want to. because i was silly. Posted by Picasa

lance turner ladies and gentlemen!

lt and the card sharks!? king of queens? a rose between two thorns? (kidding!) three's company? susan's floating head? i wear my sunglasses...at night? i CAN't think of a good caption for this photograph of me, lance, and su. please leave your suggestions in the comments and i will update! Posted by Picasa

sean's toast to marcia!

congratulations to sean and marcia dunbar, both co-workers, on six happy years of marriage! (marcia is the one in the striped shirt) we had a softball/soccer perty this weekend at the Ortega's. Elana's husband JJ made yummy ribs that we got all over everything and we ate and drank and partied. fun stuff. Posted by Picasa