remnants of a good party!

so i forgot to take pictures! i was busy! but this is leftover from the WELCOME TO LITTLE ROCK party we had friday night before the boys left for memphis on saturday!

in attendance:
from little rock: me and karl, kristen and jr, matt price, annie (with her dog arnie in tow who showed us some cute seal-like tricks), elizabeth with her yummy summer cake, leah with her yummy desert bars, audra, mike, eric, emily, ashley and brent and patrick
from tulsa/okc: matt dill, marc mccaw, clint pollard, eric, mccrary, brian, michael,
from texas: ryan
from charleston: blake

yea for friends! audra and mike bought us a badminton set for a wedding gift!! so we played that until it was too dark to see the shuttlecock! we had too much fun... i crashed about 1:30 or 2 a.m. people were still there but i couldn't hang! Posted by Picasa