Hold down the fort people.

T-minus 30 minutes until take off! (well until I leave for the airport and sit there for like four hours b/c we are NOT on the same flights)

While we are gone I want you to take a look at the newly redesigned RATE LITTLE ROCK. And I want you to RATE things. And I want you to tell all your friends to RATE things. Why? Because it is fun. If you don’t think it is fun then you are a horribly boring person. Additionally if you blog and live in Little Rock (or if you just love me that much), you should link to RATE LITLTE ROCK so our site ratings go up and we are more searchable on google and what not. Think about THAT each and every time you pull this site up!

Oh and another bossy reminder because I’m bossy. (isn’t that a song? Yes, yes it is, and I just looked up some lyrics: I'm bossy I'm the bitch you love to hate I'm the chick that's raised the stake ... I'm back with an 808 'cause I'm bossy ... Thank you Kelis. I am not sure what an 808 is. But that song definitely describes me. yikes! ) Anyway, I am being bossy about TU HOMECOMING again…sorry for all the reminders non-tu folks but the
www.tualum2005.blogspot.com is looking awesome and we are almost to our goal of 50 participants! We are in the home stretch now… like TWO WEEKS to homecoming! Rock!

So what kind of presents do you guys want me to bring you from the BIG CITY!!?!?!?

P.S. the Russian dolls for Karl as an anni present were totally NOT for real. For those of you who asked with that “was that really a joke” look on your faces. And for those of you who asked don’t be surprised when you get your very own set in your very own stocking for Christmas. (that might not be a joke!)



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these are a few of my favorite things!

  • getting to see my parents NEW house!
  • getting to take many many pictures of my old house that i grew up in! i can't believe it will be gone sooN!
  • going thru old drawers and pictures from back in the day.
  • helping mom pick out paint colors (their new house is WHITE. every wall. every carpet. they have the coolest retro curtains though. i wanted to steal all of them!)
  • spending our first anniversary with my parentals!
  • seeing the Cards SWEEP the cubbies. i swear i bring them good luck!
  • seeing john & leslie's place and hanging! see john's parents that WE ALWAYS MANAGE TO BE IN TOWN THE SAME WEEKEND AS!
  • seeing Kristy and her fabulous u-city apartemente.
  • getting embarrassingly sick in front of friends (P'sghetti's POISONED ME!)
  • seeing FAMILY. i miss them all so much!
  • eating Italian food. Oh, and Steak N Shake with my grandparents!
  • being sad about having babies so far away from the other babies.
  • hanging with my bridget.
  • being sad about not getting enuf time and not seeing enuf people! (but realizing and hoping i will see them all SOON! and that i was glad to be home in the rock =()

Ok i must sleep because it took me way too long to make that farking slide show and i am exhasted and NOT entirely packed for NYC and my list is spriraling out of control.


Leaving on a jet plane!

Leaving on a jet plane!

Going to see the Cards V. Cubbies this weekend to celebrate the anni.

This is what I got Karl: Don’t tell him:

Happy Friday! Have a loverly weekend.


There is no crying in baseball.

Ok apparently sports are an inappropriate blogging topic since none of you like the poll. Go Cardinals!!!

This morning has NOT been a fabulous morning.

My lovely and wonderful boss chewed me out this morning for not printing THIS logo in color on some event information (nametags and signage and such) for the NWA event. Do you even SEE COLOR in this logo? I almost cried because I have been working my ass (booty) of on this event for the past month (it was originally supposed to have about 50-75 people attending and now there are 170 and some of that is MY DOING dangit!). And then I thought: You know what if someone at the NWA meeting notices that this logo does not have a hint of light green in it then they have serious problems. So there.

Additionally, if I know you and you are a TU Alum and you are reading this blog and you haven’t filled out your homecoming information for the homecoming blog I will be forced to murder you while you sleep. Ok not really but it honestly takes like, um, maybe ten seconds to answer the questions. You really don’t even have to send a picture. Really it takes me and brooke much longer to write threatening paragraphs like this one and send out emails and bullitens and THEN spend our PRECIOUS time actually posting it to the blog. So, really, no big deal. Telling all your friends that you talk to all the time is very difficult.

WOW! Sorry about that whole thing just now. HAHAHA.

Also, this is my 400th post! And my doggies are now ONE year old. Happy Birthday Arlo and Roxy. I dubbed their birthday 8/22 since 22 is my favorite #. We aren’t really sure exactly but close enough. They got new BONES. I think they knew.



has anybody seen my new red hat?

green. just this morning this chair was brown. now it is green. there are two and they are for the kitchen.
these are the days of our lives.... blah!
this weekend was all about cleaning... as in get down on the floor and scrub cleaning. and painting. and watching dogs. does it get any more exciting? seriously people. i can barely STAND IT!
i am currently watching the teen people choice awards. shhh...k fed's first live performance ever after the break! i have a busy work week coming up and will be in both hot springs and fayetteville (oh the places you'll go!) so blogging may be SPORADIC.

izzalicious. izzy mc izz a lot. izzanator. izzabean.

izzy mc izz a lot came over for a bunking party. izzy. bella. wallace.

speaking of ramen...

some of said ramen (in addition to my camera) made it into sarah's purse that evening! HAHAHAH. she took some fun pics of her and her hubby chowing down the next day. hilarious. genius. brilliant. HOORAY! I am thinking of sending my camera around to all my friends so they can take surprise pics and send it back to me!

beer flavored ramen noodles?

the beginnings of the decor and centerpieces! ramen, easy mac, twizlers, and calomine! all common items in the dormitories (among other things!)

the itchy & scrathy show.

my favorite picture from the seven year itch party... my camera made it home safely from it's short jaunt to stillwater, oklahoma... so i thought I would jump on the picture band wagon from the evening! thank you ms. sjhg for sending it home to me so quickly... you rock.


Hi. I’m in Delaware.

So Karl has to go to Delaware soon for work so guess what? We are going to take a trip to…..

New. York. City.

Cool, eh?

Let me know your RECOMMENDATIONS if you have ever been there and have a favorite place.


My camera is taking a short vacation in stillwater, ok. (it wants to see the world PEOPLE!) so you are just going to have to READ. I also have no time to blog as it is Monday lunch and Mondays suck and are busy. However, I do have a plethora of things to blog over the next week so you just keep your pants on. (because naturally you would have the urge to take them off due to your horrible impatience at my lack of blogging and run around your offices sans trousers)

For the record, the weekend was fabulous. Friday we went out and about in Little Rock. We actually made it downtown if you can believe that. We stayed up till 3 or so and then got up at like 8, drove to T-town (karl, blake, and myself), went and ate a delish johnnie’s hamburger (extra cheeeeese please), set up for the itchy & scratchy party celebrating seven years of friendship, partied at the itchy party till about 3, slept, went to Quick Trip for a FOUNTAIN DRINK! (gawd I love QT!), came home, ate some skeezers (yum!) pizza, and went to bed at like 8 or 9. I think my caloric intake for the weekend may have exceeded what most eat in a month. Brooke was an awesome hostess… we should all send her lots of love (especially those of us who may or may not have poured calamine lotion all over tortilla chips and then tried to get people to eat them).


hooray pictures! finally!

aren't they the handsomest ever? blake, pmp, and karl after a rousing round of shuffleboard (which matt and i won. well we won the first game anyway!) at THE FOUNTAIN.

long neck bottles...or more like ridin' dirty..

finally a picture from last weekend! mary, su, and me....note me and su singing into our domestic bottles.. yee haw! per usual! isn't she the greatest? but the bowling alley surely didn't play country... only teeny bopper raptastic songs... which i am now too old to know ANY of them aparantly. chamilionarre: who's THAT guy? aparantly he is old news anyway. someone please keep me in the know about music... wait. what am i talking about? his. name. is. chamilionarre. and i no longer frequent dirty fraternity parties.

my husband is freaking hilarious. god only knows what he just said... but aparantly it was HUMUROUS.

i bet this kiddo knows chamilionaire.

su and her new boyfriend... this kid was so adorable and he just wanted TO DANCE! how sweet is he?


If you were my camera cord where would you be? =(

I have all these cute pictures just sitting in my camera. I can’t get them out of there! HELP!!! I just want to shake the little camera! GIVE. ME. MY. PICTURES.

So it is Wednesday but I have been waiting and hoping my camera cord would be found so I could blog some piccys. I better find it before the itchy and scratchy show this weekend. Because I fully intend on using all of my 2G memory card.

So the weekend was nice.. maybe someday I will have pictures to show you…and blake and matt and lindsAy are all HERE from the coast. (haha…I just wanted to say “from the coast” or “from the Carolinas”!) Monday night we ate at Cheers and played shuffleboard at The Fountain. And they all came over to our house for a bbq last night… along with everyone else… thanks to everyone who brought food on short notice…eric’s deviled eggs were yummo and leah’s brownies were delish-e-ous… and audra and kristen’s bags of chips were AMAZING. It’s awesome how fast you can throw together a meal for like 15 people when everyone throws something in….love it.

I can’t wait for the week to be over! Anyone else feel like it is going FOREVER!?!!?

My parents bought us an anniversary present: Tickets to the Cards and Cubs game on our anniversary! (And we get to fly in!) Isn’t that fun? There is nothing like the cards and cubs rivalry. Sigh. $8 Beer here I come! I can’t wait to finally see the new stadium.


Can’t. Stop.Blogging.

The plethora of blogging lately has got me in the mood. To blog. I love it!

First of all I want to say HAPPY ANNI (10 years!) to Mary Kay and Rea Graves! We went to dinner with them last night at Bene Vita. (after I went to HH at stickyz w/ su and audra and megan and alissa and elana!) MK and Rea are so wonderful and we hope they had a fabulous anniversary!

This morning at approximately 7:45 AM good ole Sally the Saturn would not start. Engine wouldn’t even turn over. We are 99% sure it is the battery (I’m fine DADDY-o!) but me driving the TRUCK is always humorous. Always.

I just checked the weather. Little Rock says 95. Feels like 105! AND IT IS STORMING something AWFUL…lot o thunder! THE RAIN IS COMING DOWN in downtown LR. Smells delicious! Yea for rain. Let’s take a Friday afternoon poll.. is this crazy nationwide heat wave global warming? Personally I like the heat. Pretty much even this hot. Pretty sure I would survive when the rest of you bitches (excuse me) were passed out on the sidewalk from heat exhaustion. Okay I better post before we freaking lose power!

happy weekend everyone! the cute pic is for your friday enjoyment...photo credit: ms. leslie reynolds robus...photographer extraordanaire!


My dear friend Kristy…

Is correct. I didn’t go to the movies for approximately 5 years… maybe more…. From the time I was about 12 or 13 until - hmmmm - college maybe? I found them dirty and gross and claustrophobic! I think it is b/c I saw some Dateline story about guys sticking hypodermic needles in the movie seats in darkened theaters and injecting unsuspecting high school girls with AIDS or date rape drugs or something. (Yea that’s right I thought I was going to get “injected with the AIDS”…probably by the skinny, 6 ft tall black man in the 'navy' coat and hat. Thanks DATELINE!! for teaching me about AIDS and racial profiling!!) Anyway, I still don’t go that often and I really like to sit on the aisle - unless the theater is empty and I am sharing my popcorn with Elizabeth.

That being said…


was FUNNY. Really better than I expected. I laughed out loud several times. You should go. If you are into that kind of thing. It is Ten Things I Hate About you kinda FUNNY. (ok, it’s not nearly THAT good but it gets CLOSE and Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill on the WB (yea that’s right One Tree Hill on the WB) is my girlfriend). Gawd, profile ME with all the teeny boppers that love high school movies and the freaking WB! “They” GET ME EVERY TIME!
just say NO to hypodermic needles.
And don't listen to everything you hear on DATELINE!


Belated thanks to Leah and Blue for a wonderful weekend party.

SHHHH… don’t tell anyone but I might go see JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE tonight. And eat lots of EXTRA BUTTER EXTRA SALT movie theater popcorn. With an enormous Coca-Cola classic. (for the low low price of like $20) Sigh. Guilty pleasures! Then I am watching Project Runway b/c it is A GOOD SEASON and I am addicted.

Guess what? Less than 6 months till Christmas! You hate me now don’t you? Start your shopping NOW! We will wait till Dec. 23rd. Or later. If you even get a card/gift at all! We are bad at Christmas. We didn't even have a tree last year.

And get this bull crap: What would you do with $150 Million Dollars?