Can’t. Stop.Blogging.

The plethora of blogging lately has got me in the mood. To blog. I love it!

First of all I want to say HAPPY ANNI (10 years!) to Mary Kay and Rea Graves! We went to dinner with them last night at Bene Vita. (after I went to HH at stickyz w/ su and audra and megan and alissa and elana!) MK and Rea are so wonderful and we hope they had a fabulous anniversary!

This morning at approximately 7:45 AM good ole Sally the Saturn would not start. Engine wouldn’t even turn over. We are 99% sure it is the battery (I’m fine DADDY-o!) but me driving the TRUCK is always humorous. Always.

I just checked the weather. Little Rock says 95. Feels like 105! AND IT IS STORMING something AWFUL…lot o thunder! THE RAIN IS COMING DOWN in downtown LR. Smells delicious! Yea for rain. Let’s take a Friday afternoon poll.. is this crazy nationwide heat wave global warming? Personally I like the heat. Pretty much even this hot. Pretty sure I would survive when the rest of you bitches (excuse me) were passed out on the sidewalk from heat exhaustion. Okay I better post before we freaking lose power!

happy weekend everyone! the cute pic is for your friday enjoyment...photo credit: ms. leslie reynolds robus...photographer extraordanaire!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic!! It is pretty cute - but then what else would you expect with us two hot babes!! :-)

I would love to be a professional photographer. Maybe I should get on that. We'll see...

Happy Friday!!!!

brooke knight said...

i join you in the loving of the heat...winter makes me bitchy!

the gloria family said...

it is soooo dark and creepy outside right now.

Anonymous said...

love the heat but not global warming!

bring on the water powered car!

Kristy said...

Best get well wishes to Sally from Sammy. We're thinking about her!

Hope you survive the hot down there. It is finally only double digits. Sorry but the 100s thing is just a little out of control!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Mmmm Bene Vita. Yummy. Cute picture! And happy anniversary! Happy post.

Anonymous said...

Global Warming is just a lie invented by Al "Father of the Internet" Gore and the liberal media. DON'T BUY THE LIE!!! But I also like it hot instead of cold. I seriously can not function in temperatures below freezing.

Jennifer said...

John basically said what I was going to say. Liberal media and global warming....makes me laugh...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Susan said...

I'll take the heat as long as there are flip flops and tank tops. Yeah, buddy. Actually, summer used to be my favorite season, but now I have to admit I lean towards Fall. Hunting, wearing jeans comfortably, football, cheaper utility bills...ya know? I love them all. Happy happy, post post.

Jax said...

COME TO TULSA COME TO TULSA COME TO TULSA!!! I am soooo excited for the itchiness! HOORAY!

Ashley said...

hi love
i dont know your email address so thought i would leave a comment here. can we update our homecoming blog to 2006? yay! see you in september!! xoxo a.love

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