If you were my camera cord where would you be? =(

I have all these cute pictures just sitting in my camera. I can’t get them out of there! HELP!!! I just want to shake the little camera! GIVE. ME. MY. PICTURES.

So it is Wednesday but I have been waiting and hoping my camera cord would be found so I could blog some piccys. I better find it before the itchy and scratchy show this weekend. Because I fully intend on using all of my 2G memory card.

So the weekend was nice.. maybe someday I will have pictures to show you…and blake and matt and lindsAy are all HERE from the coast. (haha…I just wanted to say “from the coast” or “from the Carolinas”!) Monday night we ate at Cheers and played shuffleboard at The Fountain. And they all came over to our house for a bbq last night… along with everyone else… thanks to everyone who brought food on short notice…eric’s deviled eggs were yummo and leah’s brownies were delish-e-ous… and audra and kristen’s bags of chips were AMAZING. It’s awesome how fast you can throw together a meal for like 15 people when everyone throws something in….love it.

I can’t wait for the week to be over! Anyone else feel like it is going FOREVER!?!!?

My parents bought us an anniversary present: Tickets to the Cards and Cubs game on our anniversary! (And we get to fly in!) Isn’t that fun? There is nothing like the cards and cubs rivalry. Sigh. $8 Beer here I come! I can’t wait to finally see the new stadium.


Leah Billings said...

Potluck style is always a good thing. Mucho thanks for having us over. :)

brooke knight said...

that is a fun fun anniversary present. SO mike and linda too.

ps- i want some deviled eggs...eric where you at?

Anonymous said...

I can honestly think of no better anniversary present. AMybe we can get together while you are here. I really wish we could have been there to see our coastal friends. You must find your cord soon and post pics.

Carol said...

Don't worry Kat, I too have the same problem...I can't find my cord for my camera...I think they are probably hidden together. ;)

And what a super fun anni pres...yall will have a ball fo sho!

Kristy said...

If I were your camera cord, I would be hiding in your couch (or is that when I am your car keys, I cannot remember!) Yea! for coming into STL! I cannot wait to see you both! Looking for tickets since it has been SOOOO long since we were at a game together. Little difficult since it is Cubs, but I'll see what I can do.

Susan said...

Nooooooooooooo....I was hoping to steal some of your weekend pics since mine turned out crappy. Is it in your ABPG briefcase-baggy thing that you like and I don't. Remember that convo we had? hehe. Or...is it in Sally? By the way, she up and running again yet?

Sarah said...

how. freaking. ann.oy.ing.

hope you find it asap.

it'll be in the weirdest place you know.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Boooooooooooo for losing your cord. I thought I did that last week.