The Worst Float Trip EVER!!!

The Float Trip from HELL!!
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Top Row:
1. Karl and Eric in waders after some trout fishing on the Spring River! They caught about 10 trout - we wrapped some up in foil and ate them Saturday night post all the float drama. They were pretty good. We brought the rest home for future fish frying.
2. Me and Em making our turkey sandwiches for the river. Not so sure I actually ate any of them. Instead I ate like five doritos and drank the beer instead which may have contributed to my later puking.
3. Andrew making some eggs and bacon for breakfast Saturday morning. What a cute chef! This is pre Andrew and Sherwood losing their keys, IDs, credit cards, and cash on the river.
Second Row:
1. Eric and Emily pre Eric's broken nose by some 19 year old red neck from Mississippi.
2. Emily's wrapped up toe. She gashed it open on a rock on the water. It was awful. She had just had surgery on her other foot two weeks ago and this gash was on her good foot. It was not pretty at all.
3. Darren putting peroxide on the chunk taken out of his foot. He also broke his big toe and was fairly sure that he broke his tailbone. He and another guy lost their ENTIRE canoe and had to be picked up at another campsite.
Bottom Row:
1. Emily, Sherwood, and me in our visors. Emily's said "Bride To Be," Sherwood's said, "The Future Mrs. Turnball" and mine said "The Bachlorette" in little rhinestones. Sherwood made them for us engaged girls. They were super cute.
2. Mike working as Audra and Alexis look on.
3. The tr-uuuu-ck that I now own. (you have to draw out that syllable to make it sound country) Who would have ever thought I would be living in Arkansas and the owner of a truck? HA! Certainly not me! Anyway.. I thought this pic of the waders, doritos, and dry bag that DID NOT STAY DRY was funny.

Moral of the story: DO NOT GO TO MANY ISLANDS campgrounds in Northeast Arkansas for a holiday weekend. I fully understand why people make fun of Arkansas now. I never got it. I thought (and still think) Little Rock is great and had no idea what people were talking about when they made fun of Arkansas red necks. I have never NEVER seen anything like it. I couldn't even understand most of the people there they spoke so poorly. I hope to never see another confederate flag! They were EVERYWHERE... at least every other camp site. There were freaking swastikas tattooed on some of these guys. Tents were piled on top of each other. There were fights every five minutes. I don't even want to think about how many concealed weapons there probably were on the property. There were 18 of us in our group and I don't think one person in our group left uninjured or not offended/frustrated by something that happened this weekend.

On a positive note, everyone is home and safe! Definately makes me appreciate my current friends, family, and lifestyle!


Anna & Gino celebrate ONE year!

HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSERY!! This is a pic taken walking out just after their ceremony! Wedding and reception were at the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, MO. Posted by Hello


Anna and Gino Caira! My cousin Anna and her husband Gino celebrate their one year wedding anniversery May 28! Posted by Hello


Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is BIRTHDAY day and Linda is in Des Moines on business so we hope she gets home tonight to celebrate her bday w/ a nice dinner or something! This is a pic of Linda in a potential Mother of the Bride outfit! What do you think? She is open to any and all suggestions on shoes! I am a big fan! Posted by Hello

Dinner w/ Genelle & Vance

Last night we had dinner w/ Genelle and Vance Brakefield. (Genelle was a Chi O w/ me at TU and Vance was a KA w/ Karl; they got married last June... almost their one year anniversery!) We introduced them to US Pizza..yum! They have just moved to the Rock... and are quite apprehensive about the city (as I was). Genelle starts her new job @ Alltel June 6th and Vance is searching and has interviews. Their house (in the OC) is super cute. I am way jealous. Especially of their GINORMOUS master bathroom. Seriously it is a bedroom. We have HOUSE FEVER! We are like the kids in the Jetta commercial whose neighbors hate them because they are loud and annoying! Get us OUT of our apartment! Our lease is up in September so we have to buy soon. Need to bulk up that savings account a bit more!

Also a short congratulations to Caitlin and Eric who closed on their house yesterday in Kansas City. I expressed my jealousy to her as I did to Genelle and Vance. They will be moving in together after their wedding Oct. 1 in Kansas City. Wedding Mania!



Spring River here we come! We have about 15 people going canoeing this weekend. I can't wait!! I will definately have to post some pics from the extravaganza!

Last night Clint Pollard was in Little Rock and Karl and I took him to Cajuns Wharf to eat some shrimp while we looked out on the Arkansas River. (looks a lot bigger here than in Tulsa) After dinner I headed to Elizabeth's for some GIRL EMPOWERMENT w/ elizabeth and kristen. Always good to have some girl time! I can't wait until all the women I hang out w/ can get together for my bachlorette party.

Also spoke w/ Melissa LaRose last night. She left me a voicemail that said she was going to put me on her "ex-friend" list if I didn't call her back... we finally got to talk! Now I just need to call Carol and Kaelin back and I will be caught up on my list of people I need to call list.

Audra started work at Arkansas Business this week. She is training w/ Alissa... hopefully the FLEX360 DOME will be finished soon and she can move in to the desk across from me. I am unmotivated to work today as you can see I AM BLOGGING instead of working!

oh and I got a new email address: h.kathleen@gmail.com since the jerks at the University of Tulsa are finally closing my account. I am so mad! But gmail is awesome so I am excited about that. I would prefer to now use my work account and the gmail account if at all possible. How did I get so many email addresses?


one of my favorite engagement shots... www.lilyphotograpy.com Posted by Hello


The month of May thus far has entailed:

Kat's 24th birthday on the 4th!

The first weekend of the month we spent in St. Louis... finalizing some wedding plans, hanging out w/ mike and linda, john and leslie, and kristy! We got to take in a cardinals game and see bridget and the babies. we also got some engagement photos taken, a few are posted on the blog. our photographer alisha is fabulous. she is also doing our wedding. To see the rest, you can go to www.pictage.com and search for Horan Hills Engagement.

May 10: the engagement of eric and emily! congratulations to them and let the wedding planning begin... beach wedding anyone?

Second weekend of the month: ABPG softball party. Check out our blog: www.abpgsoftball.blogspot.com for scores and statistics! (both on the field info and off!) ABPG soccer is soon to start so i am sure there will be another blog for that as well! =) We also helped Audra move in to her new place in Little Rock.... the trend continues. next weekend we will help genelle and vance move in to their new house in Otter Creek!

After a win, Susan, Elana, and Kat around mascot Mikey! Current Newshounds record: 5-1!!  Posted by Hello

susan and kat at the mid-season Newshounds Softball party!! Elana in foreground pouring from the kegerator. Pre-keg stands... er.... Posted by Hello

susan and seth 4.2.05 Posted by Hello

susan and seth 4.2.05 Posted by Hello

another engaged shot!  Posted by Hello

Engagement Pics taken in St. Louis by Alisha Nelson of Lily Photography!  Posted by Hello

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