Dinner w/ Genelle & Vance

Last night we had dinner w/ Genelle and Vance Brakefield. (Genelle was a Chi O w/ me at TU and Vance was a KA w/ Karl; they got married last June... almost their one year anniversery!) We introduced them to US Pizza..yum! They have just moved to the Rock... and are quite apprehensive about the city (as I was). Genelle starts her new job @ Alltel June 6th and Vance is searching and has interviews. Their house (in the OC) is super cute. I am way jealous. Especially of their GINORMOUS master bathroom. Seriously it is a bedroom. We have HOUSE FEVER! We are like the kids in the Jetta commercial whose neighbors hate them because they are loud and annoying! Get us OUT of our apartment! Our lease is up in September so we have to buy soon. Need to bulk up that savings account a bit more!

Also a short congratulations to Caitlin and Eric who closed on their house yesterday in Kansas City. I expressed my jealousy to her as I did to Genelle and Vance. They will be moving in together after their wedding Oct. 1 in Kansas City. Wedding Mania!


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