The month of May thus far has entailed:

Kat's 24th birthday on the 4th!

The first weekend of the month we spent in St. Louis... finalizing some wedding plans, hanging out w/ mike and linda, john and leslie, and kristy! We got to take in a cardinals game and see bridget and the babies. we also got some engagement photos taken, a few are posted on the blog. our photographer alisha is fabulous. she is also doing our wedding. To see the rest, you can go to www.pictage.com and search for Horan Hills Engagement.

May 10: the engagement of eric and emily! congratulations to them and let the wedding planning begin... beach wedding anyone?

Second weekend of the month: ABPG softball party. Check out our blog: www.abpgsoftball.blogspot.com for scores and statistics! (both on the field info and off!) ABPG soccer is soon to start so i am sure there will be another blog for that as well! =) We also helped Audra move in to her new place in Little Rock.... the trend continues. next weekend we will help genelle and vance move in to their new house in Otter Creek!


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