The Worst Float Trip EVER!!!

The Float Trip from HELL!!
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Top Row:
1. Karl and Eric in waders after some trout fishing on the Spring River! They caught about 10 trout - we wrapped some up in foil and ate them Saturday night post all the float drama. They were pretty good. We brought the rest home for future fish frying.
2. Me and Em making our turkey sandwiches for the river. Not so sure I actually ate any of them. Instead I ate like five doritos and drank the beer instead which may have contributed to my later puking.
3. Andrew making some eggs and bacon for breakfast Saturday morning. What a cute chef! This is pre Andrew and Sherwood losing their keys, IDs, credit cards, and cash on the river.
Second Row:
1. Eric and Emily pre Eric's broken nose by some 19 year old red neck from Mississippi.
2. Emily's wrapped up toe. She gashed it open on a rock on the water. It was awful. She had just had surgery on her other foot two weeks ago and this gash was on her good foot. It was not pretty at all.
3. Darren putting peroxide on the chunk taken out of his foot. He also broke his big toe and was fairly sure that he broke his tailbone. He and another guy lost their ENTIRE canoe and had to be picked up at another campsite.
Bottom Row:
1. Emily, Sherwood, and me in our visors. Emily's said "Bride To Be," Sherwood's said, "The Future Mrs. Turnball" and mine said "The Bachlorette" in little rhinestones. Sherwood made them for us engaged girls. They were super cute.
2. Mike working as Audra and Alexis look on.
3. The tr-uuuu-ck that I now own. (you have to draw out that syllable to make it sound country) Who would have ever thought I would be living in Arkansas and the owner of a truck? HA! Certainly not me! Anyway.. I thought this pic of the waders, doritos, and dry bag that DID NOT STAY DRY was funny.

Moral of the story: DO NOT GO TO MANY ISLANDS campgrounds in Northeast Arkansas for a holiday weekend. I fully understand why people make fun of Arkansas now. I never got it. I thought (and still think) Little Rock is great and had no idea what people were talking about when they made fun of Arkansas red necks. I have never NEVER seen anything like it. I couldn't even understand most of the people there they spoke so poorly. I hope to never see another confederate flag! They were EVERYWHERE... at least every other camp site. There were freaking swastikas tattooed on some of these guys. Tents were piled on top of each other. There were fights every five minutes. I don't even want to think about how many concealed weapons there probably were on the property. There were 18 of us in our group and I don't think one person in our group left uninjured or not offended/frustrated by something that happened this weekend.

On a positive note, everyone is home and safe! Definately makes me appreciate my current friends, family, and lifestyle!


Susan said...

Ya'll should have come with us to the Buffalo a weekend earlier. We had a blast. Next year, ya'll should re-locate the tradition.

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