Hold down the fort people.

T-minus 30 minutes until take off! (well until I leave for the airport and sit there for like four hours b/c we are NOT on the same flights)

While we are gone I want you to take a look at the newly redesigned RATE LITTLE ROCK. And I want you to RATE things. And I want you to tell all your friends to RATE things. Why? Because it is fun. If you don’t think it is fun then you are a horribly boring person. Additionally if you blog and live in Little Rock (or if you just love me that much), you should link to RATE LITLTE ROCK so our site ratings go up and we are more searchable on google and what not. Think about THAT each and every time you pull this site up!

Oh and another bossy reminder because I’m bossy. (isn’t that a song? Yes, yes it is, and I just looked up some lyrics: I'm bossy I'm the bitch you love to hate I'm the chick that's raised the stake ... I'm back with an 808 'cause I'm bossy ... Thank you Kelis. I am not sure what an 808 is. But that song definitely describes me. yikes! ) Anyway, I am being bossy about TU HOMECOMING again…sorry for all the reminders non-tu folks but the
www.tualum2005.blogspot.com is looking awesome and we are almost to our goal of 50 participants! We are in the home stretch now… like TWO WEEKS to homecoming! Rock!

So what kind of presents do you guys want me to bring you from the BIG CITY!!?!?!?

P.S. the Russian dolls for Karl as an anni present were totally NOT for real. For those of you who asked with that “was that really a joke” look on your faces. And for those of you who asked don’t be surprised when you get your very own set in your very own stocking for Christmas. (that might not be a joke!)


Elizabeth Spann said...

Have so much fun!!!! I will link Rate LR soon. PS, I love that bossy song. An 808 is apparently a drum. Or a drum beat. Can't remember, but that's what my sweetie told me. Hope he's right. :) PS, you should have done those Russian dolls. I'm disappointed.

Angela said...

An 808 refers to a drum machine called a Roland TR-808---- Mike loves that song & he asked me what an 808 was...now you know!!!

Sarah said...

i showed those dolls to matt and we thought it was the funniest thing ever! i wish you had really gotten them for him. you could have done your whole family, dogs and all. i'm sad.

have fun in the big city--it might not rock as much as the rock, but i am sure it will end up ranking pretty high up there.......

love you.

Lauryl Lane said...

have fun in the big apple!

Susan said...

That song cracks me up, especially how she pronounces it "I'm Bawl-sie." You gotta get the slang right. "That's right, I brought all the boys to the yard, that's right, I'm the one tattooed on his arm."

the gloria family said...

hmmm i guess i am a nerd because i have no idea what song you guys are talking about.
have fun in the city. meanwhile, i'll try to remember to rate this one.
by the way, i am going to need lots o presents.

Leah Billings said...

Don't worry Kristen. I don't know that song either. I hope you guys have a spectacular time in NYC.

Kristy said...

I am so jealous of you in NYC. (especially after that call!) Hope you continue having a blast!

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