We are alive!

Mucho traveling. Mucho cleaning and laundry yesterday and some yummy Damgoode pies with Matt and Melissa and then some hanging out in the GORGEOUS weather on the front porch with Kristen and E-beth! So. Nice. out. Must run MILES AND MILES.

I will update with pictures from the NYC trip soon. In case you were wondering I am IN LOVE with the NYC. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I would live there in a heart beat.

Careers I wanted while in NYC:

  • A hot dog stand owner
  • A dog walker in Central Park
  • A Wall Street broker (on the 900th floor please!)
  • A crack dealer
  • A Broadway Musical STAR
  • A Street Artist
  • A Starbucks employee
  • A writer (in a cyber café of course)
  • A cab driver (HAHA just kidding!)
  • A person that yells at other people to STAY IN LINE. (these people are everywhere!)
  • A firewoman and/or police woman.
  • A stroller mommy in the stroller mommy workout club (there were like 100 women with strollers in one big group workout in the Park. It was hilarious and wonderful)
  • One of those models that gets in the pictures that are on the side of buildings! AAAAH! scrary thought. A 12 story picture of ME!

More details tonight! Get ready to feast your eyes on some pictures!


Lauryl Lane said...

lol, yeah. nyc rocks. glad you loved it so much! please don't be a crack dealer, though...

Sarah said...

i wanna big a rich stroller mommy that lives and breaths new york city.... while my wealthy husband brings home the big bucks for me to decorate my elaborate fifth avenue apartment. i would meet my mommy groups and stroll through central parks. we would also take many coffee breaks at cute little outdoor cafes--like the ones on sex and the city. oh i could so do it.

Sarah said...

i meant central park.

Susan said...

The suspense for pictures is killing me! I'm such a visual person. Therefore, I would like a 12 story KAT!

the gloria family said...

can't wait for the pictures. i think it is hilarious that you wrote just kidding next to cab driver but not crack dealer.

Kristy said...

I cannot wait to see pictures! Katie, have you not told them what you used to do while you were living in STL? It doesn't seem like they know!

Sarah said...

where the heck are the pictures??

your rich stroller-loving-non-mommy-nor-new-york-city-dweller

Stacia said...

remember to post some photos that are not a slideshow, for us firewalled folks, glad you had a great trip!!

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