Hi. I’m in Delaware.

So Karl has to go to Delaware soon for work so guess what? We are going to take a trip to…..

New. York. City.

Cool, eh?

Let me know your RECOMMENDATIONS if you have ever been there and have a favorite place.


the gloria family said...

i've never been, but i've always wanted to go. good pick.

Leah Billings said...

Must. Go. To. Rosa Mexicano. (If you guys like mexican food.) It's the second best mexican restaurant I've eaten at in my life. Very authentic with excellent margaritas. I think there are two locations. I went to the one in Manhattan on 1st and 58th. It's a little pricey, but not by NYC standards. They probably have a website. So excited for you. You're gonna love New York.

brooke knight said...

whores. i am jealous. think about me when you're walking right by those art museums and not going to them. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hey...you definitely have no idea who I am, but I have a valuable NYC suggestion! My name is Becca Carle...I went to school with karl for awhile back in the day. I found your site through Susan Day's, who I played soccer with all through high school. Anyway. i saw your post and i can't help but comment. If you are going to go to new york you must go to McSorley's bar. It is one of the oldest bars in manhatten. They serve one beverage, "beer" and you can order either "light" or "dark". The place is awesome...it looks like an old saloon and has sawdust floors-and the dark beer is quite possibly the best I have ever had. Very historic, good food, good dark beer. You can't go wrong. I think it is on E. 7th street if i remember correctly.

Sarah said...


B. I. G. T.I.M.E.


Susan said...

Cool, Becca commented! Hey, Becca...oh yeah, Kat, NYC...go to China Town...eat anywhere there and definitely buy cheap stolen stuff from strangers on the street...like Nike watches, LV purses, Oakley sunglasses ect. Start Christmas shopping early, nobody will know.... :)

Anonymous said...

Times Square is wonderfully touristy but that's what you do in New York! plus we got a sandwhich from that deli on letterman's show...really good sandwhiches. have a fun time katie....it's a really awesome city!

Lauryl Lane said...

oh god, i could go on for days about what to do in NYC. you can definately do the touristy thing, but there are far better "yocal" things to do that i learned from my sister, who lived two blocks away from times square for several years. i'll shoot an email with thots. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Will you buy me a Rolex off the Street Corner if I give you $10 before you leave?

Anonymous said...

I want to go!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Leah, Rosa Mexicana is the bomb diggity. There was one in DC that we went to all the time its really worth the time to go there, they make the Guacomole right at your table.

Get me something shiney from china town, you should also check out Little Italy its right next to Chinatown and is pretty sweetass

Kristy said...

I am so jealous. Think of your friend who went NOWHERE when she had all summer off. I need a postcard, you know my obsession.

Elizabeth Spann said...

That's so exciting that you get to go! I've only been once, and I was a chaperone for a church group, so I didn't get to explore much on my own. I did go up the Twin Towers the month before 9/11 though.
There is a fantastic bakery with awesome cheesecake in Central Station. It's delish. Be sure to get cheesecake somewhere! Mmmmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

What. Is. Up. With. All. The. Periods.

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey.

Anonymous said...

Go to Tao!

emily and eric said...

i am tooooo jealous to comment!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear Peter Luger's (sp) is like the best Steak House in the world. Of course it will only cost you guys like $200 for dinner for 2. I know that is how you 2 roll since you are ballers and all.

Sarah said...

you HAVE to go see a show!!!! now playing--for the next few months--according to ticketmaster.com:

Wicked, Beauty and the Beast, Hair Spray, Lion King, Rent...

You can get tickets cheaper in the city, on the street, or you could reserve them now. either. way. you. must. go. and. then. frame. your. play. bill. as. a. keep. sake.

Anonymous said...

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