Happy 32nd Anniversary!

I am trying to find an old wedding picture of my mom and dad to acknowledge their 32nd wedding anniversary - 10 days before our wedding!

Some interesting tidbits about their wedding:
- Nixon was president.
- there were huge gas increases (larger % increase than todays prices!)
- it was hot.
- there was a beef shortage in the country .
- my mom wore long, lacy sleeves on her dress in 90+ degree weather.
- she wore her kick ass white platform shoes all night (wish she should have kept them for me to wear to mine!)
- she said she "should have taken off the veil...it had cigarette burns everywhere......even on top...."
- they polished off 14 half barrells of beer. yes, fourteen. that is a lot of beer.

yea for that!

here is her 32 year old rendition of a joke from their wedding:

Q: What is the difference between an Irish Wedding and and an Irish Wake?

A: One less drunk!


Anonymous said...

I think we need to take it upon ourselves as a challenge to drink more beer than your parents did. I think we can pull it off. We've got a couple of weeks for some serious training till the big day. I will do my part, who is with me?

brooke knight said...

i fail in the beer challenge. i have to be able to fit into my bridesmaid dress! nonetheless, i think it is awesome to share an anniversary month with your folks. they are a great example!

Anonymous said...

i'm totally up for it. it is too late to slim down for the wedding. i already told kat she was going to get pudgy kristen. i think she's ok with it. i'm with you john.

Anonymous said...

You guys are disgusting. Talking about binging on alcohol, I can't believe you would do such a thing.....I'm in!!! =)

Anonymous said...

we shall give it our best effort.