brooke did it!

brooke made us this lovely piece of art to commemorate our big event!

i have started putting pictures up on our wedding blog. they are from brooke and paul's camera and my mom and dad's camera. they are in no particular order... just some of my favorites. there are still lots more to come... i am sure i can bore you for hours with them. haha! i can not WAIT to see our professional pics. i think our photographer alisha did a fan-freaking-tastic job. I also can not wait for the pics from the disposable cameras that were on every table because i know those pics will be among the best because they will be of all the friends and family that were there to celebrate and support!!

For now,


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Anonymous said...

Umm, yeah, about the disposable camera at our table.......
Don't worry, just kidding. We all kept our clothes on. It really was one of the best and most fun weddings that I've been to. I know you've heard this enough for ten weddings, but congratulations once again.

Anonymous said...

You might want to watch out on our camera too. I think Whaley decided to be creative. Let me apologize for anything my husband might have done too. :) We are excited to come see your new place this weekend. Hope the honeymoon was wonderful!! Talk to you soon!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hey folks- glad you're back! Can't wait to hear about your honeymoon! Wait- scratch that. I don't want to hear allllll about it.
Yeah, you're definitely going to know which camera we had control of. Ha, ha. We should get together this weekend- not Saturday cause it's my parents' anniversary. Gimme a call.

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