Karl's bachelor party.

People are going to start arriving Friday night in Little Rock for Karl's bachelor party (which will be Saturday night in Memphis) .

We are having a BBQ (girls too) at our house friday night. If you are coming, please comment here!


Anonymous said...

you already know i'm coming but i don't miss an opportunity to comment on your world famous blog. elizabeth never looks at this so i will comment on her behalf as well. we would love to come to your bbq.

emily and eric said...

Eric and i will be there with our fat free hotdogs!!!!

Anonymous said...

A bbq sounds great! Do you need me to bring anything?? Let me know at leahcarolbillings@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

mike and i will come with chip n dip!!! (fat free)

Anonymous said...

I will not be there Friday night. However, I will be in M-Town come saturday morning so you guys better be ready to throw down. Mike Whaley has already informed me that he plans on being so inebriated that he does nto know his name come saturday night!!!

Anonymous said...

I never DID check your blog... but I am back in the working world, so HA. Here I am. NOTHING I will bring to your BBQ will be fat free. You can count on that.

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