we are back minus a new apartment lease

we are back from our whirlwind trip and i intend a long, creative, colorful pictorial (er... with words) shortly. i will say that is was freaking awesome...even better than i recall from last year! what a fantastic city - i will give you more concrete reasoning on this statement tomorrow. BECAUSE we caught a cab at 3 am in NYC for the airport and went straight to a stressful day at work (short weeks are beautiful if you don't think about how all that work has to be crammed in to four freaking days!) and i am too exasted to recap. but, trust me, you are GONNA wanna come back for this one.

so, for now, to satiate you, o anxious ones, i will give you a screen shot of a project i finished up mere minutes before we left for our trip - haha (not a joke) - jennifer's tea party invites! this wasn't my original concept for this invite but i think it turned out alright!

and NOW, my friends, i am retiring for the evening (at 8 p.m.) to watch the Cardinals beat the Pirates. (read: fall asleep on the couch by no later than the 6th inning, wake up groggy when the mlb channel goes all static, and stumble to bed without taking out my contacts. again. )


Lauryl Lane said...

you guys are having a tea party for jenny? WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, i wanna come! glad your trip was snazzy, can't wait to hear all about it!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

glad you guys had a good trip and your back in the blogosphere again! and a tea party? what an awesome and original idea. my mad hatter's hat is off to you my dear!!!!!

Kristy said...

I made it only till the 5th before I fell asleep last night. The Cards do better when I don't watch on tv anyway! I cannot wait to hear about your trip!

melissa said...

yo yo yo kat we missed you little lady. if you move to nyc, please make sure there's a cot for me to crash on. : )

Stacia said...

The invitations are cute! Glad you had a nice trip.

melissa said...

I could definately see you two in NYC...that would be awesome. A very happy belated anniversary to you guys! Sorry it's so late. Sounds like you enjoyed it...

Elizabeth Spann said...

You can't move. I won't let you. ;)

Susan said...

Clever theme. If you want to borrow my cowgirl hat, let me know!

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