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ms. kristy made it in town for the weekend. we had a great time relaxing, EATING, and hanging out at the ball park! we sat in the grass for the first time and i must say it was highly enjoyable. good game - the travs won. NOT THAT I AM FOLLOWING THEM. :)

anyway, i had to go to the doccy doctor on friday b/c of my chest pains. (i was getting my hair cut and had another fainty heart racy shortness of breath/trouble deep breathing episode.... i told the hair dresser i was nauseous so she didn't freak out if i said chest pain; she told me to take a pregnancy test. the doc did an EKG (perfect) and a pregnancy test (negative) took blood to check for thyroid and all that jazz but i checked out perfect so still not sure. they suggested anxiety but i really have NOTHING stressful or anxious going on.... and i think it is weird b/c the tightness in pretty constant. i am still feeling some tightness even tonight... ugh. really, really pissing me off. i took it easy all weekend but am going to try my workouts this week.

nevertheless kristy and i had a great visit. i took a lazy sunday afternoon nap. the weekend is coming to a close. i have nothing to complain about!


Chandle said...

All of that sounds pretty good to me. You know, Virginia once thought she had was having a heart attack, but it was plurosy (sp?). Maybe you're lungs are mad at you. It's such crap when they don't know what's wrong with you. Is anyone else freaked out by the multitude of health scares going around?

melissa said...

in response to your label: if by "gross" you mean "crazy delicious," then i agree.

Anonymous said...

Email me Kat, I have some questions for you. And some answers, possibly.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Eeek! Glad that everything looks good so far. Sounds scary! Hope you start feeling better SOON.
PS, did you hear the Tulsa baseball coach died...?? Did that happen while you guys were there?

Stacia said...

Cute pics!
Never let chest pains fool you~I had them and ended up with 8 surgeries in one year!
Anxiety comes in many forms and is not always the result of stress. I have anxiety and often times my hearts feels as if it could jump out of my chest. Stay on top of it and stay on top of the docs also.
Feel better!

Lauryl Lane said...

man, kat, that sounds awful. keep on the docs, there has to be an explanation... i just feel sometimes that they run the routine tests to look like they are giving us great care when really, they just don't care. and then when everything comes back positive they tell us that it's nothing serious, even when often, it is. guess i'm a bit bitter and jaded at this point. i've got an ongoing health problem that is NOT a figment of my imagination, but i've had dozens of tests and gallons (feels like gallons, anyway) of blood drawn and still no answers... so frustrating. be careful, please!

kristen said...

looks like fun, wish i could have gone. feel better

Susan said...

You're worrying me. Cope's chest pains turned out to be blood clots. But, if the EKG didn't spot any, you should be safe. Weird!

Leah Billings said...

Glad things have checked out so far. Don't be afraid to ask your Doc to refer you to a cardiovascular specialist if you don't feel comfortable with his/her findings. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's nothing serious.

Matt said...

The worst chest pain I have ever experienced came a few weeks after I suddenly quit running following OCS. At OCS I was running 6 days a week for about a 25-30 mile average. Once I graduated I decided to just stop and rest for a few weeks. I can only figure that my lungs were mad at me for not giving them their regular stretch. Have you recently quit running/working out?

brooke knight said...

hi kristy! so cool that she could come.

the tulsa coach was actually the first base coach. it was pretty tragic- small kids, pregnant wife, new job, the whole bit. life is weird.

Kristy said...

Miss you guys already. I had fun just doing whatever we wanted-- it was fabulous. Came back to 9 hours of school from hell!

Hi back to you Brooke!

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