Claus Update

Claus will be arriving on Saturday August 11th around noon. We will have a "party" at our house starting Saturday afternoon sometime. I know everyone will want to be involved, so Kat and I (i just volunteered her) will call everyone to figure out who should bring what.

I can't believe that the last time I saw Claus we were in High School, so this time we can buy the beer legally!!! =)

again, posted by Karl


Leah Billings said...

Ha! I had forgotten how good we were at buying beer underage. Those were the days. Oh and sign me up for anything (even two or three things) cause I haven't made party food in ages (okay, two months) and I love doing it. Yay! I'm already excited!

Elizabeth Spann said...

What? You guys bought beer underage?
I am shocked and appalled. I can't believe I hung out with you guys...!

I'm in!

Leslie Robus said...

We will be there!!!! YEA...I feel like we haven't been there in forever. We can bring something simple if needed. Let me know!!

Anonymous said...

i am so there!

Sarah said...

though i don't understand this "claus" thing... i'm thinking matt and i might need to plan a little rock trip. just for the hell of it. just for the fun of it. just for the heck of hanging out with friends. and drinking beer.