i hate myself for posting this

and i am sure this little one is adorable in every respect but does she or does she not look like chris farley? god is going to strike me down for poking fun at an innocent little one, but i can't stop snorting when i look at this picture. i don't know who she is; this was sent as a forward. i'm sorry little one but Holy Shnykees!

ok, enuf. i promise to never post another forward.

KARL WANTS ME TO TELL YOU: Claus will be in town August 11 - 14. Plans TBA i guess. karl would like to "organize something". the robus' might join us? rumors of blake are swirling around but are yet to be confirmed. He will get in on a Saturday so I will keep you all posted. Does anyone find it odd i don't know this person but am trying to make plans for his HOMECOMING, er, visit.

like i told jackie the other day, i don't mind being bossy. just as long as it's not bitchy bossy. just slap me if i cross THE LINE (b/w bossy and bitchy bossy!) everyone is welcome.

tonight while we were making breakfast for dinner, karl opens the microwave, where my bacon continued to "cook" for two minutes longer than his, pulls out a greaseless piece, looks at its beautiful, charred (almost black) edges doubtfully and says: "babe, i don't think this kind of bacon is actually made to cook any longer." CRUNCH.


Lauryl Lane said...

oh gosh, you are so right. lol!!! thanks for passing my email on to karl. ;)

Chandle said...

ha, Chris Farley. Poor kiddo.

melissa said...

dude i saw that picture yesterday and i laughed and laughed and laughed. if god's mad he can be mad at us both.
p.s. don't hate on mtn. home just cause we don't have all these damn bugs. : )

Elizabeth Spann said...

I just peed my pants with that Chris Farley stuff. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Hooooooooooooooray for Claus returning. Er, um, I can help with a homecoming celebration. ;)

Sarah said...

craving bacon, huh? interesting darling.

and oh my GOSH before i even read your post i thought that child looked like chris farley. i cannot wait to show matt. and then i too will stop carrying on and being a mean arsehole.

do you think God will get mad at us and make our babies look like chris farley?

i wanna see you!

Anonymous said...

first of all, I can't eat bacon, unless it's turkey bacon.
Second, why, why, why did you have to post Chris Farley? I got to laughing at all the funny things he did and now I'm sitting in the bosses' office b/c I haven't done any work all day.
Karl is a good man for doing the cooking and the cleaning! don't trade him in for a younger model.

care said...

okay, now I want bacon. booo on you. boo, booo!

and that poor girl. I hope she learns a different smile...

kristen said...

too funny!

kristen said...

fat guy in a little coat

Susan said...

I immediately thought Chris Farley when I saw the picture before I even read your post. Maybe when she outgrows the double chin....there's hope yet.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its Chris Farley reincarnated!

Sarah said...

she kinda looks like she's gonna fart.

Sarah said...

no kinda about it.

Anonymous said...


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