four is my favorite

Ok, you're right.  He's not quite four.  Close enough.  (Have I started planning a birthday party?  The answer would be: no)  Anyway, this post will be dedicated to recent hilariousness from the imagination of my first born.  

In his spaceship, ready for BLAST OFF: 

With Nora's doll that he named Big Kid Baby and repeatedly threw at the ceiling (over and over and over again): 

Skiing the slopes:

Leading the band:

Making a feast from a bucket of rainwater spooned into cups:

Aaaand.... driving me bananas by climbing all over me when I'm trying to feed the baby her dinner: 

Aaaand scene.


Meredith Garrett said...

He is too funny. Skiing the slopes was my favorite.

Megan said...

so many star wars shirts! i love it!

Kate said...

Hi. Long time listener, first time caller here. Wait, I mean, long time reader, bad commenter of late here. (You know why.)

Nate is the cutest. I love his shirt. I also LOVE your summer bday at school post, because I swear I am the only parent at June's school who kind of cringes at the fact that they seem to get brownies and cupcakes like, every single day. I was on "treat" duty for Easter at G's school, so I went with: air popped popcorn and dried apricots. (Not too bad, right?)

But I digress. The point is - does Nate still love robots? Because if so, then I think you definitely need to buy him one of these pillows!

Oh, and I may have to find that Darth shirt for my kids - awesome!