naters and nash... yum

i am drawing a blank here on what to blog. i have so, so many things but how to make them fun and quippy and entertaining? THE PRESSURE.

this weekend was (is.) (once suday hits it always feels over. even at 10am.) delectable. friday night karl and i attended an event entitled the Trailer Trash Tragedy (TTT) hosted by the beautiful Susan Mulhearn Iris Orchid. It took me a few minutes to get into character. I was Fanny Mason, mama to Wilbur and the trailer park gossip queen... complete with bright red lips, a pack of wrigleys, stretch pants, cowboy boots, and carhartt jacket. Karl was the man-whore of the trailer park, married to a tat artist but unable to keep his hands to hisself. Neither of us committed the crime (the murder of Mitzi, portrayed by a famous cabbage patch kid, found dangling in the garage. yep, this trailer had a garage. a big one too. Iris and Big Hoss had a niiiiice little setup.) More pics HERE if you read Su's blog (there are several posts). it was HIGHLY entertaining and FRIGHTENINGLY easy to dress for. (karl wore his boots and camo and cut-off sleeved tee, but, alas, he can no longer fit in his wranglers. tee hee. cowboy boots and ON jeans.. we are classy country folk. (oh and that car in the pic with karl? "the z." oh, no we didn't borrow it for the evening. it sits in OUR driveway undrivable in true redneck style.)

saturday nate and i had our first official playdate! I am not going to lie, I have always FEARED 'the playdate'. For real! I guess I always worried it would be a bunch of moms drinking coffee and comparing stats on what their kids can and can't do and how smartmineis and ohyoursiscuteiguess. irrational? probably. but you know what? the older nate gets, the more i crave the playdate. it's good to get together and chat about the babes...especially mamas with babies of similar ages. we had the best time with Shannon and the adorable Nash. it was fun. tee hee. i admit it. well, except for the part where my iPhone took a little dip in the splash pool. (it's cool; it works now.) nate didn't know what to think. i am definately learning he is the type of child that has to let his environment sink in before he dives in and plays. More pics HERE on Nash's blog.

i am sad the weekend is almost over.

happy president's day. daycare is closed again!


melissa said...

mf you're cute. xo

sdhorton said...

We had a great time too. Glad the iphone turned out okay. I think you got lucky on that.

Scott and Jessica said...

That's crazy-my sister-in-law's name is Shannon and they have a son named Nash! :)

Maria said...

I love naters hair. I want it! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the TTT pics! Karl does look amazingly authentic in front of the "z." I had to look twice to make sure it was him...

Amy, David, Caroline, Corbin and Cohen said...

What a fun party!! Caroline and I are jealous, we want to go play at the Wonder Place next time. She would love the splash table so much!!

Susan said...

We had a blast at the Trailer Trash Tragedy Murder Mystery Dinner Party too! So glad ya'll came. It'll be an annual deal, but I don't really want to wait a whole-nother year!
Where was the playdate? Did I miss that? Looks cool. I'm looking for somewhere to take Set today on a boring, cold Fri.

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