oh dear

so tonight i had an inexplicable craving for little ceasers. (like i went to get it and my mouth watered like a dog until i got home and ate five four pieces pronto.) for lunch i had cheezits and twix and coca cola classic. (wow. it's been a really healthy day.) i think an old friend may be coming to visit me for the first time since last september. sigh. i was kindofjust hoping that just wouldn't happen ever again. Too much info? Probably. Still no sign other than the skeezers craving, so maybe she won't come around.

NaterNateNate woke up at 2 am last night for some loving and hugs. tooth numero dos has broken the surface. Tee Hee. It's totally gross and creepy. (yet, somehow, still awesome.)

i find it entertaining that nate eats way healthier than me or karl. guess we need to work on that before he notices, eh? Yea, probably that and the cussing. F star star star.


Kelz World said...

Since i dont have children i will leave you with this story about my 2 year old nephew, who thinks he is very funny. my family and i were in my parents kitchen talking and my sister told my mom something and my mom goes, Oh SH**, Jamie, (my sisters name) and my nephew who is in the corner (pooping) goes OH SH** JAMIE!!! turns around and looks at her (my sister and again says OH SH** Jamie!! now imagine a 2 year old voice and everyone around him laughing (even though we knew we shouldnt). just thought i would share!

Dear Aunt Flow,
Please dont ever come back.
all women

melissa said...

f star star star on the pre-menstrual cravings. mine is usually chinese food. it is foolish to eat so much rice when one is already retaining so much water, but i just can't seem to help myself.

ANOTHER TOOTH?!? baby, please slow down on the growing. you will soon be more mature than me.

sdhorton said...

When my visitor came back it came with a vengeance of course I started back on the pill so it came earlier. Hope yours isn't as rough! Slow down on the toophies Nate! I have a feeling Nash is going to get a mouthful at once. His little gums are full of white spots!

Unknown said...

Bah--two of the things I'm totally worried about...what to do about all the candy we eat when the spawn is old enough to recognize it in all it's sugary goodness, and how to retrain our potty mouths. I'm even wondering if I should warn Kim and Mary about the volume of swearing they're likely to hear during my L&D.

Maria said...

You stopped nursing, so flow will be coming back. Sorry. :(

Re: what you eat-- as soon as nater wants to eat off your plate, your food choices will become really healthy, but you'll also learn to eat your crap food at work. LOL!