i got nuthin.

hmph. february, you are getting OLD. go away, please. (but please do my laundry and clean my bathroom before you go, k?)

(here are some flowers to show you the door.) (goodbye with love/hate.)

doing a lot of thinking...

reading a lot of blogs....

hoping my dear friend sarah pops a baby out...
happy for my dear kristen who did amazing on some recent tests...
thinking about dear e and her prof stress...
loving my little m's mushy gushy new love...
liking a recent lunch with S to unload about working and babies and boobies...
wishing dear b didn't have to deal with lawyers...
pining for mid-march when visits from both mere mere and leeetle sister are occuring...
appreciating my 8 conversations a day with j...
praying for our friend r as he is working through some pain...
crying for a who lost one grandparent less than a month ago and now stands to lose another (the spouse) this week...
wanting desperately for b to have a successful homebirth...
wanting desperately for a to wade through some infertility issues and find some solace or resolution...

feeling sad that karl has been sick (and equally happy and annoyed to be working harder while he is resting)...

i know i keep editing the list but there are so many intentions in my heart i just have to get them out there...

contemplating how the different places we are in life make us both worse and better as friends... being thankful regardless that these folks and many more call me friend. sorry if the initials are cryptic... just trying to get the point across... ELLIPSIS ELLIPSIS ELLIPSIS.


the end.


Lauryl Lane said...

pretty pretty. your wedding was so HAPPY. isn't it meg ryan in 'you've got mail' who says "daisies are such happy flowers"?

brooke knight said...

i like it, love! we're alllllmost there! bring it, march!

melissa said...

oh jeez. i love you. :)

blog topics, por tu, con besos:
1. you
2. you
3. you


Elizabeth Spann said...

ALMOST to March. I am starting to catch the Feb. sucks bug, too!

Stacia said...

I love gerber daisies with my all, your wedding pics are grand!

Jennifer said...

ahhh this post made me smile. You are a great friend and we all love you lots. I want to go back to the day of your wedding and do it all over again. It was so fun.

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