March madness....

March 1. Thank you for your vomit.

Both Nate and I have been doing our best to ring in march American teen princess style.

Rockin the tummy bug!

It is awesome.

Sunday pics CLEARLY moved to Monday.

Stay tuned.

Weekend vomit count: 6. (nate:3. Kat:3. Karl:big fat 0.)


Aubrey said...

OH NO! I'm so so so sorry. Ella and I feel your pain. February was the chosen month for us to puke our guts out, and we lived SEVERAL bad overwhelmed-mom-movie moments where we were both crying and both PLASTERED in vomit. Hope you feel better soon!

sdhorton said...

That's no fun. We have had it too. Luckly not the vomiting part. Hope you all feel better soon.

Stacia said...

Feel better soon!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Oh no!! That's terrible. It's sad because we were JUST talking about Nate vomiting for the first time the other night...
Poooor Hills family. Let me know if you need anything... I'll wear a mask.

melissa said...

my mom says you should never eat anything that can carry its house around with it. no telling the last time it was cleaned.

i watched that movie yesterday. it had to be done. and so i leave you with this:

"what's that mom always said?"
"once a carnie, always a carnie."
"yeah, she stills cries when she sees a tilt-a-whirl or a fat lady in a tube top."

sorry about the pukies. big hugs.

Lauryl Lane said...

So sorry, there is nothing i hate more than puking. I remember as a kid when we got stomach bugs that we'd puke all over the place and then our parents would try to clean up our puke and they'd puke on top of it. SO GROSS. Feel better soon!!!

mercurial mary said...

I feel for you! My baby had it, then I got it, then the dog started yarking...


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