oh where oh where has my little dog gone

i have no idea where this blog title is from. it's in my head.

(as is the rest of bloggiture you are about to read... spewed straight from my brain to my fingers to the blog. minimal edits.)

recently, i went to a "concert" at Nate's school and the song "I LIKE BEING A KID" was stuck in my head for two days. (and, yes, it is as obnoxiously JINGLY JANGELY as it sounds.) (that was a proper sentence, right?) ANYWAY, not the most appropriate song to hum (who are we kidding? i don't hum. i belt.) in the office.

what else?

yesterday, we were driving by the golf course and someone hit a golf ball onto the road. i promptly rolled down my window and said "NICE ONE!" as loud as i could and proceeded to giggle like a child. (mature.) (karl laughed too. i swear it.)

what else?

it is 3:21 on Thursday. Thursdays always mean PRESS DAY at the office for the weekly we publish so there is always A SENSE OF URGENCY (one of my bosses favorite phrases) around the office. it is also the end of the month, so we are trying to put our monthly magazines 'TO BED' as well so they can get on stands before the month begins. so i am waiting on the last minute ad changes and stragglers. it's OTD time folks. (out the door.) (what other publishing buzz words would you like to see? we get to say the word DUMMY a lot in the print world.)

what else?

i am thinking of becoming a primary grade teacher. is that less stress or more stress? i am not into stress lately. i think i would be a awesome teacher. well, once i learn to stop saying the F word. who can teach me that!? i may be having a mid-to-late-twenties crisis.

what else?

i have worn jeans to work every day this week except Monday. TAKE THAT.

what else?

maybe some nuggets?

kittens inspired by kittens (thanks, leah.)
i'm on a boat. (thanks, andy sandberg and t-pain.)

maybe i should start a nugget blog. a compilation of nuggets of internet goodness. nuggets.

what else?

karl's little basketball team is wrapping up the season. they don't have a winning record like last year, but many a game has gone into heart-breaking overtime. i will be happy when the season ends. (selfishly. i know it's wrong.)

what else?

biggest loser this week was a bit ridic. but i do like that so many are playing with heart this season. still haven't gotten to watch LOST - WILL DO IT TONIGHT!!! i am avoiding the blogosphere until then.

what else?

i am digging the recent twitter explosion.

whadddd eylse?

(one scoop or two?)

i guess that's all folks!


sdhorton said...

I get Nash's tv shows theme songs in my head a lot. Can't help it. They are just so catchy! I think now I will be humming "I'm on a boat, I'm on a boat". LOL. I wish I would of seriously considered being an Elementary teacher before I went my route. Great hours with kiddos and probably would be a lot of fun. I have those mid-late 20's crisis moments a lot too. Your not alone.

melissa said...

sooooo.... are you drunk right now? and if not, would you like to be? with me? :)

Scott and Jessica said...

for some reason I thought that Kitten nugget was hilarious and I was sober when I watched it! :)Maybe it's cause I got a case of the Fridays!

Susan said...

I, too, have had the teacher thought...first high school-now elementary. Let me know if you look into going back to school for it. I've seriously considered it after both kids are in full-time.

nicole said...

More pub speak coming atcha:

FPO - for placement only
EOD - end of day
PU - pick up
TK - to come
RFP - request for proposal


Love that SNL Digital Short. Sent the link to a friend of mine; she's on a cruise. While I'm in the office ("straight flippin copies"), I imagine her lounging in her "flippy floppies," hehe.

nene P said...

come spend a few days with me and see the stress of the primary teacher... we laugh at school that at least 70% of the teacher are on anxiety/depression meds!

becky s said...

wait, you don't know where that came from? do you remember hearing as a child:
o where o where has my little dog gone, o where o where can he be? with his ears cut short and his tail cut long, o where o where can he be?