itttttts hooooooooooot in here

i want to laugh like this. please and thank you. when you can't even tell if you are laughing or crying and it hurts your belly. instead, i am going to bed early. ugh. i don't feel good and i don't like it one bit. my body is falling apart at age 26. how in the world do people make it to 100? it might be 7:00 p.m. and i might be going to BED! i guess my body is just in need of rest - i slept past noon both saturday and sunday and felt like a lazy laggard slothful shiftless sack artist (thanks thesaurus dot com... a sack artist? wth?).
i think we broke 100 degrees today.... the heat index was well over! it's all sweaty up in arkansas. we are drinking lots of wata.
um. good night? i promise to be more myself at a later date.


melissa said...

you do not have man hands. and you look adorable in that picture. let's hang out soon and we'll laugh until we vomit.

brooke knight said...

you do not have man hands crazy face.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Look at that gorgeous ring...! ;)
Feel better, Miss Kat. Sleep does a body good.

Stacia said...

Feel better soon!!

Jax said...

Lose weight in your fingers? What?! I really want to see a post where this occurs:

Person: "Kat, why arent you eating that?"
Kat: "I'm on a diet."
Person: "OMG..YOU do not need to diet!"
Kat: "Well, my fingers are looking really thick lately.." (dont smile and resume picking at food.

Please make this happen.

Oh, and feel better.. I also push myself to stay up b/c I'm in denial that I'm getting old. Just sayin. I think this is also why I infuse myself with martinis and pretend like I can hold my liquor like in college. Denial. All denial.

Susan said...

We used to play soccer in this.

Anonymous said...

i have man hands...you have cute adorable hands

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