stephanie from full house?!?!?! is that you!?

wednesday is here and almost gone! i haven't felt like doing too much after work this week... sorry if i have been slow to return phone calls and emails. i am in recovery (*drama alert) from my still present but less scary chest issue. it's fine. i promise. you know what it makes me want to do though? it makes me want to train for a marathon or something... skydive, bungee jump, swim for miles, play soccer.... pretty much anything physical.

has anyone seen high school musical? it's on TV right now. and i'm watching it. yep. i am.

anyone else have any news? will A Rod hit #500? the cards are six games behind the stinking cubs in the nlc. the cubs!?!? i mean really. the gap is closing. it needs to close faster. and the brewers don't need to beat the mets tonight. my dogs are dirty. they need a bath. my laundry is clean but NOT FOLDED (why oh why is the folding part so incredibly difficult?). it feels like we always have something TO CLEAN. house, car, dogs, selves.. bLah. i think we are going back to NYC for our anniversary. may become a tradition!! one of the days we might just stay there.


melissa said...

a) more info on your chest issues, please...
c) if you want to talk about high school musical call my sister.
d) nyc sounds like fun. you could drive four hours west and go see my mommy. : )

Chandle said...

How rude!

ha ha ha, stephanie

Elizabeth Spann said...

I was totally going to say that, Chandle. Ugh, you stole my comment! ;)
Sorry we didn't get to hang out last night, Kat. :( Booooooooooooooooo. I'm going to start pouting soon. Love you.

Susan said...

Don't stay there forever! But, I do want details on your trip...airfare, accomodations, etc. I need to plan an anniversary trip for next year myself! Seth's never been to NYC.

Leah Billings said...

I'm not a fan of all these musicals lately. Honestly, they activate the gag reflex.

Yay! for NYC. It's one of my favorite cities I've visited. I've only been there once, though, so I think I need to try and make it back soon. If I could only find a way to get Blue on a plane...I do work in a place full of high powered sedatives...Hmmmm...

kristen said...

i'm jealous. i have to go there some day.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

ny and chi-town! both on my list of big cities to live in!

Sarah said...

thank god that is her husband, i would have thought she was a slut otherwise.

no really, she looks like a slut.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...


Anonymous said...

Is that a recent picture of Stephanie? I thought she got divorced. I saw on the Full House True Hollywood Story that she got hooked on meth and went to rehab and sobered up (and got divorced).

You guys should totally move to NY! Or Chicago! We could be neighbors!! You should call Lauren Koeneke if you go to NY for your anni.

What did the doctors say about your chest issues?

brooke knight said...

lauren is right- she did all that. and then she hosted some dance-off pants-off show. and then she met and married this dude. i guess the rehab didnt really stick? can someone else please notice the way her thumb is strategically covering her butt crack? cause it is.

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