Frank the Tank.

My windows were frosty this morning and I had breathing puffs. BOO. HISS. I had to wear my blanket in the car. Just say NO to cold weather. (Though it has been ABSOLUTELY gorgeous here this week!)

Goals of this weekend:

  • Get the Guest Room NEW sheets and comforter put on the bed (cute and on clearance from tar-jey)
  • Run in the Big Dam Bridge 5K (http://www.bigdambridge.com/) on Saturday at 10:30. Attempt to NOT die trying to keep up with Karl. (his goal time: 28 minutes. Think I might do 28 and he might do a lot faster. Sigh. This is what I get for watching TV (good TV!!) while he goes out training! (Isn’t running MY thing? I suck at it now!)
  • Find a fourth for the Tulsa ROUTE 66 Marathon Relay! (http://www.route66marathon.com/) So far we have Karl, My Self, Audra, and…. (matt price? You in?) November 19th.
  • Take my dogs for a looooooong walk. They are so hyper with the weather change.
  • Reorganize the guest bedroom and the office closets.
  • I am sure there are many more and most have to do with CLEANING. BLAH.

Goals in THE NEAR FUTURE (like next week!)

  • Lose a million pounds
  • Get my hair cut and colored and my eyebrows waxed off (very exciting)
  • Go to the dentist (blah)
  • Buy a hutch to put the china from our wedding in (the same china that is mostly still in boxes and THAT is depressing! I am going to use it and SOON.)
  • Paint my living room! Any helpers? I will make you fancy dinner on fancy china as a reward!

Goals of my LIFE:

  • Start a business that makes me MILLIONS.
  • Be on Survivor.
  • Keep off the millions of pounds I lost in my NEAR FUTURE goal.
  • Um… there are more but I will not share them with you. (Sorry!)

Um.. these lists are kind of depresso. (in a we-have-got-a-nice-little-Saturday-planned-kind-of-way. Home Depot. Bed Bath Beyond.)

Let’s do something EXCITING. Thoughts?


brooke knight said...


i like your goals. drink lots of water before running mmmkay?

Susan said...

I cleaned out closets yesterday. It's quite rewarding to open up the doors and stuff not fall on your head. I finally threw a lot away and I have a garage sale box, but it's not enough to have my own and I really hate having garage sales in the first place, so what do I do with that junk? Some of it is not completely junk, but most is. I'm on a rampage to simplify and clean out our house wall to wall...just making room...for...errr...ummm...stuff in our "near future."

Leah Billings said...

I love goals! Fun post. I feel like I haven't seen you guys in 2 years. Hopefully we can all find a weekend where we can all get together some time soon. Good luck with the runnin'!

the gloria family said...

i'm in for painting and dinner. i have no plans this weekend. want to see you. good luck with the race. i will not be your fourth. so, don't ask.

Sarah said...

thank you for your many comments. they made me laugh.

and... i changed my blog url to

mostly just to be annoying.

so update woman.

and have a GREAT weekend!

Ashley said...

home depot and bath/bath and beyond are not pleasant places on saturday...i say go next tuesday post work. just an idea

Kristy said...

I would love to be there painting. Instead I had much more exciting things to do this weekend. Last night I got to chaperone a high school dance. Who else thinks that is fun? Actually, it was histerical. The girls look totally different and most of the boys look 10. They had a lot of fun screaming and being obnoxious.

Needless to say, Growlers was required after. Would have prefered painting and fancy china dinner!

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