remain on south outer 40.

we are alive. the weekend was amazing! mike and his bride rachel both looked great! congratulations to mr. and mrs. whaley! (hint: for better pics see John and Leslie's blog - leslie always gets much better pics than me!)

we were, in FACT, in the car on Friday evening (somewhere around Crystal City, MO) when the Cardinals did, in FACT, win the world series. all FACTS. we didn't get in to STL till super late so no celebrating/partying for us on Friday night though we did watch a taped version of the game since we had only heard it on the radio. my mom got to sell special edition papers that night - extra extra read all about it! Second world series title in my life time and i believe 10 total for the Cardinals (that is second to the Yankees for all-time series titles! but i won't say how many titles the yanks hold)

after the wedding saturday we took the brewery tour and then headed to the reception! the room set up was gorgeous and the food was fancy and delish-ee-ous. it was too much fun - vampire teeth and all - lots of laughing. we slept in a bit sunday, hit steak-n-shake (mandatory!), and went to Grant's Farm w/ my cousin bridget and her husband and joe and isabel. a perfectly gorgeous day. then we drove home. for. ever. (insert sandlot voice) we are ALIVE and ready for another oh-so-funderful work week!


Anonymous said...

dance like robot. fun fun fun. weekend was fun. xox

Lauryl Lane said...

i had a feeling you might be happy about those cardinals... ;)