Game 5. Game 5. Game 5.

5 is one of my favorite numbers for secret sorority (gay) reasons (normally i hate odd numbers but 5 is an okay kind of number). It is also the # of tonight's World Series Game. Game 5. Of. THE. 2006 World Series. The game the Cardinals are destined to win and end the series as World Champs. We like 5 today. Today is sponsored by the number five. Five five five alive. Detroit is going back to their lovely cold city without any Cardinals.

The part that makes me nervous about this whole thing is that I will be driving (karl will be driving actually because 1) i suck at driving and 2) i will be way too excited to drive if the game is on and i might run us off the road. ANYWAY, I will be on my way to St. Louis (where the aforementioned game is being played) and that just seems unfair. I mean, I could be like an hour away from the city in like Festus, Missouri and the whole city of STL could errupt in joyful celebration and I just wouldn't be there. So close yet so far away. Can't you just feel the injustice of that? I know I can listen to it on the radio but I would rather watch it on the TV or better yet in person or at least in a Sports bar where there are other Cardinal fans. Boo.

david eckstein is my hero. he just looked so calm last night when you know he was FREAKING out on the inside. Also I would just like to say ONE thing about the American League and their WONDERFUL pitchers (specifically the detroit pitchers) and how much BETTER they are than the NL. Errors. Errors all OVER the place. One for every game from a pitcher. Errors. That is all. I hope I am not jinxing anything by writing this - i am a bit nervous that i just might.

6 hours till game time. oh. my. god! somebody get me so magic transportation powder so i can go RIGHT NOW.


mr. mups said...

No jinxing. they're gonna take it tonight. i'll be at work but everyone will be watching the game so i will be too. less work more baseball.

go cards !

Sarah said...

gay sorority reasons. five. five. five.

have a good weekend tooooooooooooooooooooooo.

if it ever gets here.

any progress on our january girl trip?

melissa said...

Have fun in St. Louis celebrating (that's me being very confident!)...I'm sure it will be awesome...jealous.

Ashley said...

#5 is life
fo sho off the heezy
xoxo a.love

Anonymous said...

super jealous that you are in the lou.
and for all those nay-sayers about the NL central being the weakest (and there are a ton here in chicago) let's just remind everyone that the NL central has represented the NL in the WS for the last 4 out of 5 years.
GO CARDS!!! break the curse of the AL!

mr. mups said...


Way to go Cards! What a game ! Jack Buck would be proud !

Kristy said...

The Cardinals rock! So sorry that you were actually in a car in a stupid city like Festus when the city went mad. Definately awesome! (here is my sadness when I think that I should have been there-- stupid rain delaying game 5!!) But sadness is over... the Cardinals Won!!!! I love them!

So glad I got to see you today!