Things that make me happy.

The STL Cardinals. 3-2. One more game! One more game! Here is the FUN espn article from this AM. World Series HERE WE COME.

Movie night on Friday night (despite the fact that is only Wednesday!) Any recommendations for renters/theater must-sees?

Audra and I went RUNNING yesterday! (training in full effect for 11/19. See you at the TULSA ROUTE 66 Marathon!)

Things that make me sad

Not being able to WAKE UP today despite the fact that it is noon and I got eight plus hours of sleep last night.

Not being BUSY enough. I need a new project to motivate me. Oh wait I already have like 80 lists/projects going and no desire to finish them.

Not taking a full lunch and staying at my office. Makes my day/week seem even longer. When will convention season be OVER?!!

My sickly husband. Send him some GET BETTER thoughts!

Really BORING blogs (like this one!) HapPY boring Wednesday.


emily and eric said...

i recomend to rent the movie click. it was really good!

Anonymous said...

the departed was AWESOME. bloody, but worth it.

Anonymous said...

Not The Omen

Elizabeth Spann said...

today WAS boring!!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorta curious about renting 'the break up.' i do love me some v.vaughn. but i dunno... decisions, decisions!

Anonymous said...

p.s. get better karl. :)
p.s.s. the break-up was only okay. and i think it would've been completely worthless without vince vaughn.

Anonymous said...

I must say, I thought the Break-up was great! I recommend it.

Kristy said...

Get well soon Karl!

And GO CARDS!! Great article that you found!

Susan said...

I want to see The Departed. Elana said it was good. Who all is and when are ya'll going Fri? I have a gift certificate to the Rave, and Seth and I might quite possibly be convinced to join you if that is the destination of choice.