that is all.

1. Check this out. Then go show your friends.

as a woman that has always been pretty comfy with my own body and never that into dieting and/or beauty products, this ad campaign frightens and inspires me. at the same time. promoting real beauty is important. we need to do that more.

2. any days of our lives watchers out there? Get a load of this. (Who says that?) - John & Marlena are being FIRED! i am not so much current on DOOL happenings, but really? who will they get to make crazy eyebrow faces? who will become possesed by the devil & levitate? the horror.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. Something tells me this would be a more beautiful world if we weren't all so focused on how to be more beautiful.

Sarah said...

like that ad.

sorry you've been sick, it is rough enough, but i am sure with a little one it is even harder.
glad you are getting better.SG

Unknown said...

Being someone who grew up (sort of) before the beauty/image industry got so bad, but who still turned out with a weak body image and self-esteem issues, it scares me to death that this is the climate in which I'll be raising my daughter (let's face it, it's a girl in there...and if not, I'll probably have one SOME day). I think the new Dove commercials are great, but I don't know if they're enough. I know it's our responsibility as parents to teach our children that they are beautiful from the inside out, but the media seems to make it a harder and harder thing to do.
As for the DOOL article, now I'm feeling guilty for switching to reading books over my lunch break a couple of months ago. Kidding.

Paul Knight said...

that vid was awesome! thanks. glad you are doing a bittle better!

Paul Knight said...

oh wait that was brooke not paul. damn cookies!