baby toys are scary

please note: when putting together a new toy in living room, make sure it can fit through the other doors of your house. because, apparently, this "rainforest jumperoo" will forevermore be in our living room. taunting me with its monkey chatter and parrot squawking.



Maria said...

You will figure out a way. Trust me. LOL! Oh, and start giving away toys now! I purge every 3-4 months. Not playing with it any more? It's gone! I'm an evil evil mommy!

brooke knight said...

that rainforest jumperoo is dang cute, even though it sucks that it's stuck in the living room. stupid old houses with their narrow doorways!

♥Joy♥ said...

lol kat you are so silly. i have 4 of those things! they fold in halfway and the seat goes down for easy removal from one room to the other!

My infant room is done in rainforest--complete with trees and leaves hanging from the ceiling with the kids' names and pictures on them. In the afternoons if we need to bring the different ages of kids all together, we just fold the rainforest jumperoo down and carry it to the front. =D Easy as pie!

And yes, the monkey & parrot babbling is a form of torture. You think it's bad NOW...wait til he actually starts playing with it...BIG TIME!


katandkarl said...

hahahahaha. must. be. smarter. than. infant. toys.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

holy smokes! that contraption scares me! what do the dogs think???

Anonymous said...

Oh!! You got amazing baby toys!!

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