aunt j

nate. snow. check.

we journeyed to the northern land to see my sister this holiday.

it was quite a nice holiday.

the baby has decided that sleep is for the weak. (he used to be such a good little sleeper... what is with the regression?)


Maria said...

They all regress. He's probably about to do something great developmentally! :)

Jax said...

AWWWW! ADORABLE!!! Snow! Little Nater tot kinda rocks my socks. I kinda wanna put a bow on his head and put him in a holiday box..and take a picture. Keep him away from me.. I might try.

brooke knight said...

UGH! SHIT! i am about to vomit some rainbows. kathleen, i just did not think anything about you could be cuter, but that child, man. SO photogenic. and that pic of the three of you rocks face.


Anonymous said...

can he look any cuter than in that sweater and awesome hat??!!!

Sarah said...

did nate like to cold weather? it looks fun to me!

Susan said...

What are the Hilton sisters doing with Nate?! Oh, it's the Horans under those rock star glasses! <3 his hat!

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