so this is the post about christmas and how excited i am about it

and blah blah blah.

why am i the only one who doesn't love the holiday season!? it nate's first one so everyone (no one really) is pressuring me to get a tree and have my presents all wrapped and ready to go by, like, tomorrow. what if i don't wanna tree? what if i don't want to spend hours untangling the lights i simply threw in the box last year? whatcha gonna do? hmph. (hating holiday decor makes me speak like a petulant child.)

i do hate shopping.
and i do suck at decorating.
and i am terrible at wrapping (like, terribly horribly suck at wrapping. and it makes me angry to spend money on bows. karl and i are THOSE PEOPLE who give each other gifts unwrapped or in the store bag/box- gasp - the horror! whatever will our children do if we continue this way!? we are also those people found wrapping things on christmas eve in a panic of 'WHERE ARE THE SCISSORS? CRAP - I RIPPED THE CORNER AGAIN! (just flip it upside down when you place it under the tree.) HOW DO YOU FOLD THIS?? DO WE EVEN HAVE ANY GIFT TAGS?! DO YOU THINK I CAN USE DUCT/PACKING TAPE?').
and i am not a big fan of baking. (see how i am so not meant to be a holiday person? i would much rather cook a large meal for 30 than bake a cake. although i have seen some pretty awesome cookie decorating crafts out there i MIGHT like to try... but the cookies would most likely taste pretty average.).

but i am pretty good at microwaving water for hot chocolate (ha!).
also, i kind of rule at eating an enormous and delicious meal and drinking wine (yum).
AND i guess i am pretty good at loving on my family.
and i do appreciate the whole gathering aspect of the holidays.
and i do love that whole baby jesus thing.
(though i still don't understand why we prep for months to spend mere hours.... i guess its like any good event! just with the same cast, crew, and family drama every year.).
i also love christmas cards. but i think that is only because of my love of paper and snail mail.

and, finally, as a sign of slight hypocrisy, i do have a christmas craft (ADVENT CALENDAR!) that my MIL and I made and is SUPER DUPER adorable. and, i admit it, i am ridiculously excited to hang it in the Room of Baby. pictures to follow. i will say that there is lots of felt involved. (and clearly felt crafting is the new knitting.) jealous? you will be when you see it.

5 months, 5 days


Jennifer said...

I will not show jeff your post as he will pack up and move in with you guys, It drives him crazy how much I love the holidays.

Ohhh can't wait to see how your penguin turned out. He betterhave an awesome beak!

Unknown said...

I am quite like you on this one. Aside from insisting on having a live (well, it's dead now) tree and hanging lights on the house, I could sort of take or leave the rest of the festivities (okay, not the food). Being the heathen that I am, Halloween is more my style. I just think Christmas has become such a fussy holiday. And I DREAD having to buy/receive toys for the spawn when the time comes. I'm a horrible gift wrapper (Trevor and I pretty much never bother with it), so I'm the queen of bagged gifts. I think Trevor and I are going to skip presents this year...

Meredith said...

I suck at gift wrapping also. I used to really try but people (my parents) still made fun of me so now I don't even try. And if this is possible, I'm even worse with tissue paper. Mine never looks nice and a sharp corner inevitably rips the paper as I'm wrapping the gift. I wish we were neighbors--I would make the baked goods and leave everything else to you. Nate is looking great. Call it fate. Wait... (Aaand I'm done.)

melissa said...

i am an EXCELLENT gift-wrapper. unfortunately, i am usually too poor to buy friends and family the things i really want to get them, which leads to dissatisfaction with any present of lesser quality, which typically leads to no present at all, which renders my gift-wrapping skillllz useless. : )

Sarah said...

oh God, i'm all about Christmas and wrapping and bows and bows and bows. that being said, i have not done a damn thing this year. i have a christmas cookie jar out and only because my in-laws gave it to me over thanksgiving. (the christmas cookies that were in it are long gone thanks to preggo here).

i think we are going to go buy a big pre-lit tree. one of the horrors of the christmas tree is taking it apart. i am not getting a real one because i already deal with dog hair at my house and don't need pine needles on top of it. not to mention the fact that my dogs eat weird shit and would probably feast on the tree.

Susan said...

Blah blah blah. Come on, Grinch! JK! My tree has been up since BEFORE T-Giving this year (just since that's when Nancy and Chuck gave us thier old one...why put it in the attice for a week and drag it back down?) and the presents are semi-neatly wrapped and under it. I <3 holidays...reasons to act out of the norm always get me excited. It amazes me sometimes how different we are yet how much I LOVE you!

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