oh baby i wanna get wit-cha and take yo pict-cha

four things:

one, karl may have said to wait for him to eat dinner (he is wrapping up a b-ball practice and should be done around 7:30). i may have translated this as "open the fridge and polish off the rest of the sweet potato casserole - straight from the pan; don't bother with plates... just grab a fork." (loosely translated, you see.)

two, i like to entertain myself with some more google analytics search terms/phrases that hit on my blog. i don't check too often but they sure do make me giggle. here are some fun ones (and my commentary in the over-used parenthesis) i love thinking about the folks sitting in front of their computers tping in these EXACT phrases:

beer flavored toothpaste (please, mom, can i?)
how to keep your pants up when pregnant (i don't know if this is intended to be dirty or not, but i am guessing not. in a non-dirty fashion, it IS really hard to keep (some) maternity pants up!)
i sure am tired (yep. sure am.)
paint by numbers rat (wha? that dirty paint by numbers rat.)
what should i wear to work today nov. 12, 2008? (ha! this one makes me giggle.)
wear more cloth (PLEASE. just add cloth.)

three: some nuggets of internet goodness (very random):

advertising at its worst/(best?) (can you believe this? i don't know whether to be horrified or glad that these programs are finding money.)
christmas fetus cookies (yep, fetus.)
christmas giving video. (thanks angela)

four: nate's teachers at school are OBSESSED with this onsie. they crack up every time he wears it. it is pretty ADORABLE! (from my dear friend melissa down in NOLA where the red beans and rice run a-plenty.) and, sadly, he is outgrowing it and many others.

that is all. run along.

5 months, 6 days


Sarah said...

oh my God that child of yours is so cute!

Jennifer said...

i love that onesie too! Soo cute!!!

Aubrey said...

Hahahaha! What can I say, that boy is all about the ass.

melissa said...

Yea! That just made my day better :) Okay, now I think this is my favorite picture of Nate...I'll look for a toddler shirt!

Unknown said...

Nate is adorable in his "Red Beans" onesie!

Sarah said...

i ate red beans and rice last night. they were goooood.

Susan said...

That is a fantastic onesie!