And it was glorious.

I did nothing all weekend. And it was glorious.

Friday was my daddy’s bday so HAPPY DAY TO HIM. I won’t tell you what year he was born (the oldest of six lovely and wonderful Horan children) but it begins with 195 and ends with 1. He is getting himself an IPOD. What a cool, hipster father I have. I am getting him, er, more regular phone calls?

Also Friday we went to dinner w/ MK and Rea (before the “storm” hit). We dined at Ciao Bacci’s. They took us out for helping set up their new home equipment. Um, we might owe them some serious labor after the price of that dinner. But the food was decent and there was a man there wearing this scrolling belt buckle:

(i believe you can find them at www.scrollingbuckle.com or google scrolling belt buckles!)

I got a lot of stuff done the rest of the weekend which leads me to think I should seriously quit the Little Gym. How sad. But maybe necessary? My W-2 from them was pathetic! And it is nice not to have to work after work… hmmm…


Jax said...

"ICE"? Hm... Ice? I think I would get mine to say something longer like "STOP LOOKING AT MY CROTCH" haha.. Hm.. Whatever.. I think I'm funny..

Anonymous said...

when i taught a semester at Hazelwood East, these belts were all over the place.
very annoying.

Leah Billings said...

Belt buckle = weird! I would have quit the second job a while ago, but that's just me. I'm a little crazy about my personal time because of all the projects I get myself involved in at home.

Elizabeth Spann said...

That's just insane. Scrolling belt buckles. Ish.

Lauryl Lane said...

two jobs is stinky. i have to do it since we've got debt up to our eyeballs... but you are the amazing couple who paid off all your credit cards-- so quit the stinky second job!!!

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