I wanted to get an old-timey feel to this OBLS picture of audra, jackie, and myself at our first annual homecoming as alums (2004!) This year is our 3rd annual and the dates are set so mark them on your calendar. We will set up on our same corner by LaFortune, and our friends across the way (whose names escape me!) said if we bring meat they will make it on their big ole barbeque pit - i mean - grill! this years goal: bring tables and more tents and more people. More details to follow i am sure, but it's fun to get excited now, huh? Go out. Spread the WORD! GO TU! Chips and SALSA!!

Homecoming 2006 Dates Announced:

The Alumni Association at The University of Tulsa is pleased to announce dates for Homecoming 2006! Mark your calendars for the celebration, which will take place September 14 through 16 on TU's campus. Click here for more information about Homecoming 2006. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I have already marked my calendar! and will be there. Way to plan in advance to give everyone plenty of time to get ready!!--AUDRA

brooke knight said...

yay! i will be there for sure this year! we will bring stuff. and it will be the good. chips and salsa bitches!

Lauryl Lane said...

boo hoo, we will be long gone to Los Angeles by then, and unless we've won the powerball, chances of us getting back to T-town are very slim. me so sad. :(

Elizabeth Spann said...

Errr... uh... go UCA! Bears! Anyone? Anyone??
I went to a UCA "Alumnae Gathering" one time. And by "gathering," I mean the girl that planned it, her friend, me, Jeremy, and Jonathan. It was awesome.

Carol said...

Girl I have got it marked in my calendar in PEN...come hell or high water I am so there this year!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Sheehan family will consist of the Mr as the Mrs will be in the Windy City, but I am coming up on Thursday night. ~ Sheehan

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