where is the snow patrol?

Hello all. I am mad right now because it is sleeting here in Little Rock, AR and I have to catch a flight to STL this afternoon. (and it is supposed to snow this afternoon!) I have a BAD feeling about this nonsense. Last time it started snowing in Little Rock (last year!) it took karl and me FOUR hours to get home from work (approximately 7 miles). Let me reiterate. Four hours. Seven miles. Little Rock freaked. The whole dang city!! No plows!

So, sigh, I have a feeling we might be spending some quality time in the car and at the airport. But that is okay b/c once we get there we will be celebrating my cousin Bridget’s 25th bday (today!! HAPPY BDAY brigeeta), seeing the lovely and wonderful Robus family at the bowling league extravaganza, and celebrating my cousin Matthew Dennis Horan’s big-ole Catholic wedding Saturday to his long-time woman Stephanie, and hanging out with as many friends and family as possible in one weekend! Pictures to come after this action-packed weekend.

Feel free to go play with roxy and arlo. They are probably cold and lonely in their doggie mansion. We are bad dog owners. They are going to hate us forever.


Leah Billings said...

Safe travels! By brother is flying into LR from St. Louis today, so I hope the weather clears up for everyone's sake (even though I love winter weather!).

brooke knight said...

awwwwwww poor doggies!

Anonymous said...

YAY FOR TRIPS TO THE LOU!!! I am excited about you all coming to see us bowl tonight! Hope you get here safely. Keep us posted. See you soon.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Lots of people are traveling this weekend. Must be the thing to do! We'll miss you here, sniff, sniff. Have fun! Hope it doesn't ice too bad! :)
Do you have someone feeding the pups? I can be persuaded if you need me to. I mean, it's a whole BLOCK away.

Lauryl Lane said...

you left the doggies all alone with no dog-sitter? oohhh, the poor things!

Susan said...

You left them outside? That's it, I'm calling SCAN!

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