like a knife that cuts me... the scar remains...

so sad at the rose - kristen with her empty beer from our saturday night. it was fun! we tried to make her stay out all night but she refused!! what??

weekend was busy but not exciting.

total loads of laundry done: NINE. yes, nine. and we complain we have nothing to wear! you think that's been building up for awhile now? i worked at the Little Gym both Saturday and Sunday... I really need to quit that job. we went to the rose sat night and sunday we watched the superbowl...kind of. we stayed at home and hung out in front of our tv... it was nice.

OH and i forgot that FEBRUARY 1st equals TWO YEARS of me living in Arkansas. My first weekend here was a superbowl weekend so it always reminds me! isn't that crazy? doesn't feel like two years. thank god i have my bloggity to archive it all. haha.


Elizabeth Spann said...

I can't believe you've been in AR 2 whole years. My, how time flies when you're having fun! :)
I had fun at the Rose... I will post pics soon.

Anonymous said...

so when is your tenure up?

the gloria family said...

can you blame me? we had obviously had too much to drink already. just look at that picture.

brooke knight said...


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