news and notes...

  • Sorry LEAH for no bday post… I was trying to find an appropriately embarrassing picture to post…I don’t have any so you are spared!! SO HAPPY BDAY a day late.
  • The groundhog in puxatawney (see below pic) saw his shadow = six more weeks of winter = boo.
  • We have flights booked to STL for my cousin matt and stephanie’s wedding next weekend (thanks mom and dad!)
  • I took some pictures of karl and matt price coaching last night (it’s cute; the kids (7th and 8th graders) call them both COACH. I’m not sure they know their real names (or what to call them… mr. hills and mr. price… ew… we aren’t old enough for that are we? Hmm… I guess all our teacher friends get ms. Ross and ms. Syron)
  • I got my Su fix in FINALLY! Yea! She and I went a-walking last night (for 4 miles thank you very much!) and a-talking. Refreshing to see you my dear! My legs might be a tad sore from running 2 miles on Tuesday and walking four last night… running three tonight.. must. Slather. Icy. Hot.
  • First SURVIVOR night is TONIGHT!! So excited. It’s at e’s and annie’s!
  • Karl is almost finished with his website for “Small Business Solutions”. I will provide the link soon. Audra designed some fabuluous-o logos… we might make our own website… but we need help coming up with a name. All we have so far is Innotech and Penotrod. (office space) Basic business concept is to provide tech support and web support for super small businesses. Simple Plan? Simple Solutions? Kind of blasé. We had a grand ole time trying to think of names last night. Simple minded. OBLS. Ford. What do you think? HELP!!!

Enough text for now. Enjoy your Thursday! Do some WORK! i know i am busy today!


Elizabeth Spann said...

I think anything with the suffix "trod" is great. KarlandKatrod, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

more winter...booooo!

Leah Billings said...

Thanks for the b-day recognition! :)

Kristy said...

I still don't answer to Ms. Syron sometimes. I just don't recognize it sometimes. Good luck with the naming dilemna!

Elizabeth Spann said...

PS... I also get "MRS. Ross" just about as much as I get Miss Ross.

melissa said...

Down here no one uses last names...everything is Mr or Miss (insert first name here), like from pre-school (e.g., Mr. Karl). I like it much better, not too formal, but still respectable.

Tell Matt I said congrats!!

Susan said...

If this is winter, let it continue. Feels like Spring to me!

Susan said...

Enjoyed our walk as well. Talking non-stop as you walk actually burns more calories.

Lauryl Lane said...

how bout "Simple Solutrod"? lol... have fun this weekend!

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