words of wisdom.

matt and karl coaching. =)


Leah Billings said...

Totally cute, but, Oh my god does it make me feel old because I remember when us girls used to go to this church to watch these guys play in the basketball games!

Elizabeth Spann said...

It was meant to be, boys. You were born to coach!

Anonymous said...

This post has brought a tear to my eye. All the fond memories of St. James basketball. I still don't think Matt should be allowed to coach since he was an arch rival of St. James.

Anonymous said...


the gloria family said...

were our guys really that small when we used to go watch them? that's crazy.

Elizabeth Spann said...

They were probably smaller... you know- all those hormones those kids have in their milk now! ;)

Anonymous said...

John I have been able to bring some of the success of PHUMC to St. James, you should only be so lucky to have me there

brooke knight said...


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