congrats wackalicious!

congrats jackie on your J.D. Law school is o.v.e.r. You looked so hot in your hood!

audra and i made our way to t-town to help celebrate the graduation. it was ever so much fun. we partied for cinco at jenny's on friday and made our way to campus on saturday for grad-u-mication!


Elizabeth Ross said...


brookeandpaul said...

here here!

i am irritated cause i got her a congrats card and forgot to give it to her. just like your bday cards. those went in the mail today, btw.

brookeandpaul said...

OMG, i just saw that video you sent. that really makes me want to er, break a sweat. in a thong leotard. totally.

Anonymous said...

i wanted you to know that i read your blog today... whoa!!- audra

Jackie!!! said...

Love me some Kat! :) Grassy ass! I just had the weirdest flashback to Genelle saying "here Kitty" agh! Those were the days.. senior year, where art thou! lol!!