new york and tulsa!

here are some pics from karl's new york city trip last week (mon-fri). he was there for work and some friends were there as well (ashley and brent just happened to be vacationing in the big apple... why is it called the big apple by the way? anyone? anyone? bueller?)


blake matheny said...

From http://salwen.com/apple.html, "The Big Apple" originated in the 30's and 40's post-depression jazz era when there was a popular venue in Manhattan and a swing club both named "Big Apple." The tag, forgotten by the 1970's, was revived by Charles Gillett, head of the New York Convention & Visitors Bureau in an effort to attract more tourists to the city mostly known for its "blackouts, strikes, street crime and occasional riots. What could be a more wholesome symbol of renewal than a plump red apple?" (salwen.com).
Cheers guys. Karl, looks like a good time. Kat, so did Tulsa.

Leah Billings said...

I <3 New York. There is no other place in the country like it. Your pictures make me want to visit it again soon.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Ha, ha, ha, Blake. You're funny. An interesting bit of info: Kat kept yelling answers at the TV last night to rhetorical questions. Yelling. :)

the gloria family said...

looks like fun. i've never been.

Lauryl Lane said...

nyc is one of the greatest cities in the world. i'm sad b/c my sister and bil are moving from manhattan to boston in july. poo. their apartment balcany looked out over times square and it was euphoric to stand out there... ah well. great pictures! sorry i missed you over the weekend, kat! ;(

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