ode to ba knight

some reasons:
1. we used to stay in our pj's all day and eat mazzios pizza and drink pj (pepsi juice)
2. she had powerpuff girl sheets and i had hello kitty sheets when we roomed together (in college) - our room was fit for a 5 year old princess. (though somewhat UNsanitary)
3. she is tall.
4. she does art.
5. she likes to put goldfish on top of her spaghetti-o's.
6. she once threw a can of tomato soup at her husband (or maybe it was ravioli) because he wouldn't make her grilled cheese (or maybe because he burnt it) (ok maybe she didn't THROW it per say but she was PISSED. in more ways than one. and i don't REALLY remember all the details but it was funny.)
7. we have been friends since we met POT LUCK suitemate style freshman year of college. day one.
8. we email each other like 20 times a day. possibly more.
9. she says "riddle me this" and "rocktastic" in every day conversation.
10. she hates her feet.
11. she loves her doggies and her hubby and her family and her friends.
12. she goes to ok-arch-ee, oklahoma FOR THE CHICKEN. (when necessary)

i am going to stop there! we loves her. lurves her. <3.>

in other celebrity gossip, karl has been in nashville, tn all week and finally gets home tomorrow. i am really sick of the traveling for work thing. boo on that. i am busy at work. like really busy. like it's 6:30 pm and i just got done working and got there early this morning and didn't have a lunch. boo on real life. but the conference will be over by Tuesday at which point i will need some serious sleep!! and things will slow down a bit at work. or i might get fired. will let you know how the conference goes.

this upcoming weekend is the fajita and margarita party for eric and em! i can't believe their wedding is getting so close. we will be in florida in ONE MONTH exactly. count it down for the desjardins. woo hoo! and it's almost mommy's day. look for a special Linda Horan post coming soon.
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Elizabeth Spann said...

Hooray for Brooke and Karl and Eric and Emily and Linda! :) Did I miss anyone? Sorry I'm missing out this weekend! Have a margarita for me!

brooke knight said...

THANKS A FUCKING LOT i am on the verge of tears. at work. why so nice you are?

lurve you so mahsh.

so mahsh!

Leah Billings said...

I've only met Brooke a couple of times but she does seem quite spectacular. Busy at work = stinky! It's good that it will be over on Tuesday.

the gloria family said...

brooke kicks ass. i can't believe their wedding is only a month away. geez, that flew by.

Lauryl Lane said...

me loves the brookers too. much big love.

Anonymous said...

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