funny funny. this made me laugh. it is slightly blurry (sorry took it on the plane) but as you can see the pictures show how to use your seat as a flotation device. i L.O.V.E. the girl in the water. reasons why this is funny: her pink dress is perfectly ballooned out around her crossed ankles. her shoes are on. her hair is like fixed and laying straight. is her head underwater? is she underwater? what?

i also enjoy the smaller pic to the left that shows the plane gliding into the water. like you can't imagine exactly what a plane might look like crashing into the water. the older i get the less i like flying! we did layover in stl which was kind of bizarre! (not stopping to see friends and family in stl like normal was the bizarre part)


Anonymous said...


Elizabeth Spann said...

You should replace it with a picture of flames and people screaming. :) Like Fight Club. Ha ha ha.

Kristy said...

Now how do you know what you would look like if you were underwater after a plane crash? Have you tried it? While I don't recommend it, you should not make fun unless you know!

Sarah said...

ya. like i would be that f*ing relaxed going down. ha.

Lauryl Lane said...

i especially love how nicely her dress is billowing while immersed in salt water. wow.

Unknown said...

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