seriously. literally. clearly.

the. single. longest. morning. of. my. life.

getting ready to leave work and get on a jet plane.. (cue: don't know when i'll be back again) to mil-a-waulk-kay (as the algonquins used to say) to see mi familia!


brooke knight said...

i am stealing the phrase "as the algonquins used to say" and intend to use it in regular conversation. just a warning.

congrats jen!

Susan said...

Lunch next week. I have my heart set on it...don't break my heart!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Have a good weekend, yo!

Kristy said...

And we'll actually be in the same city for a while! Yeah for the magic broom!

Happy graduation Princess!

Leah Billings said...

I'm so jealous that your going to be experiencing some cool northern weather!