$97,200 richer!!

casino night benefited ronald mc donald house. the whole thing was a bit strange. like homemade food, boxed wine, and old ladies in butterfly sweaters strange. karl and brooke and i played blackjack for a couple of hours and a bit of roulette. we won $97,200 among us which got us.... absolutly nothing.

oh and (i just remembered this!) some crazy lady came up and told karl he looked like dylan on general hospital and was petting (literally) his face. bizarro world!

anyway we left crazy town and had a drinkey w/ e and j at the fountain. i do like that bar.

this week is busy with work and then on to tulsa where ms. wacky jackie gets HOODED! and then we celebrate w/ food and friends and fun.
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Anonymous said...

cute picture!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Was it Monopoly money? What's the deal?

brooke knight said...

haha - it's the lady in the background of this picture! she was SOOOOO oldladysauced. oh so funny!